Good Political Sense

I really have to wonder about the Democrat running against Mike Fitzpatrick in our Congressional district. She is having a fundraiser at a nightclub that has stripping nights & sexually-themed group contests. Even more interesting is that the fundraiser was promoted with the poster for said stripping nights & sexually-themed contests, though the Party wants you to be assured that they aren’t taking place the same night.

I am very tempted to put this in the “Politicians Suck” category on this site, but I fear with the “deep throat contest” advertised alongside her fundraiser, well, that could be taken in a completely new light.

9 thoughts on “Good Political Sense”

  1. I don’t know, there are lots of voters who would see this as a sign of disapproval of prudish social conservative Republicans. Certainly, local reporters here make a point of expressing their approval of strip clubs because it’s a way to show that they aren’t narrow-minded Republicans.

    1. Actually, the funny thing is that I have no issue if she, as an individual, wanted to go check out the activities advertised. I mean, the guys in the image on the link do have great bodies. I just think that having a formal campaign event that represents the professionalism of how she would act in Congress is just pushing the level of decency a bit much.

  2. Complaining about this seems the same to me as complaining about a Republican having a campaign event at a shooting range.

    1. I disagree. Only devoted anti-gun advocates would be offended if, say, someone came to a shooting range with a person under the age of 18. However, most people, regardless of how open minded they are about such things, see why it’s wrong to have minors around sex contests. Given that it’s a representation of how she’ll conduct herself as a Congresswoman, I think it’s relevant to her ability to judge appropriate activities.

        1. Presumably she hopes to represent constituents under the age of 18, so it’s relevant.

          Look, I have zero issue whatsoever if she wants to check out the events, but having official campaign events tied to the promotion of sexual acts and stripping isn’t exactly smart decision-making. In some areas of the country, having an event at a gun range would be just as offensive. In most areas of the country, having official events connected to sexual games & strip shows isn’t wise.

          1. Your original point that it was probably a bad political move is a good one, and I think you’re correct.

            I read in to your comment that you also thought it was an immoral act as well. If I read something you didn’t say, mea culpa, and we have nothing to disagree on.

            1. The point that it wasn’t good political sense and doesn’t reflect well as a demonstration for her political decision making is the only one I was making. Trust me, I have no issues on the moral standpoint.

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