Shocking Revelation: NRA Asks for Donations

Bloomberg notes that NRA sent out a fundraising letter three days after the shootings in Colorado. Those of us who are members will laugh at this, since three days is probably about par for the course with NRA mailings:

“The future of your Second Amendment rights will be at stake,” the letter said. “And nothing less than the future of our country and our freedom will be at stake.”

Sounds like a pretty typical fundraising e-mail to me.

The letter dated July 23, which was sent to NRA supporters including to people in Colorado, doesn’t mention the gunfire during the showing of the new Batman movie July 20 in Aurora, Colorado.

Probably because it was scheduled to go out long before the shooting.

The letter drew criticism from the Denver-based Colorado Ceasefire Capitol Fund, a gun-control advocacy group, whose president Eileen McCarron called it “very insensitive.”

“Couldn’t they have waited at least a week, especially here? People’s souls are really wounded,” she said.

Given that NRA had exactly bupkis to do with mass shootings (last I checked, they don’t advocate such things), why is it insensitive? NRA is constantly sending this stuff out to members. This is just another case of anti-gunners playing the victim card, and trying to blame the tragedy on ordinary gun owners.

UPDATE: Extrano’s Alley notes that tragedy hasn’t stopped the anti-gun groups from fundraising. Yeah, we’ve seen that before too. They can get away with it, though. They are victims, and have absolute moral authority when it comes to this issue.

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