Digging in The Enemy’s Backyard

Every once in a while I like to know where my readers come from, so I take a look. Fortunately, Google tracks this for me quite well:

SNBQ Reader Map By City

This is a map by city. If I go by largest metro areas, they are DC, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles, in that order. Surprisingly, Boston is in my top ten. We are reaching behind enemy lines here at SNBQ, and that thrills me to no end. I’d also like to report we’re reaching a small number of people in London and Tel Aviv. Welcome.

20 thoughts on “Digging in The Enemy’s Backyard”

  1. Nice! While I wish things would improve in Utah, it’s places like California, Massachusetts, and New York State, that need the most support!

    If I recall correctly, I started reading your blog when I was living in New York State; that’s also where I came to understand the philosophical reasons in favor of gun ownership (via Jeff Snyder’s “A Nation of Cowards” essay).

  2. This longtime reader and undercover libertarian gun nut hails from Los Angeles, B.C., MEX. where gun ownership is practically forbidden by state and local gov’t, but where basically you can do whatever you want so long as you don’t get caught. Average 911 response time in my multimillion dollar neighborhood was recently reported as 11 minutes at certain times of day, and you can only get a license to carry in this county if you are famous, no matter how rich or law abiding you are.

    Yes we need your help more than you can imagine. At least it’s not DC or Chicago, the sun always shines here and the women are beautiful.

    1. You may be another person asking for help, which I’d like to provide, so I’ll ask again: what can I, a person of limited means living half a continent away in flyover country (SW Missouri, a bit above the dot centered on NW Arkansas) do to help you?

  3. Hey, we MA gunnies may be few and far between, but those of us that are here are pretty serious gun nuts. Glad to see my Bahstin folks representin’… :)

  4. This is great, but don’t read too much into it. For example, New York is a city of about 8 million people. If you have 500,000 gun enthusiasts, you’d have about the population of Wyoming looking on gun websites from NYC, but a small fraction of the total population and not enough to make a political difference. Yet, that is. Big cities have more people, therefore more web users of all types. New York probably leads the nation in folks looking at knitting websites, too.

  5. This blog focuses on the politics of gun rights. A typical gun owner in a gun friendly locale doesn’t have to worry about gun rights politics day to day. A typical gun owner in Massachusetts has to have enough knowledge of MA gun laws to stay out of trouble, which is more than enough knowledge of MA gun laws to be pissed off about them.

    Just like the ’94 AWB politicized Sebastian, the MA AWB, handgun compliance BS, presumption of illegality of possessing anything down to a spent casing, arbitrary limiting of carry permits, and so on politicize any MA gun owner who knows enough that they aren’t trusting their ‘lifetime’ FID for their one hunting shotgun.

    1. Indeed. Reading about the BATF’s early atrocities is what got me going in the early ’70s, but living in Massachusetts in the ’80s certainly cemented my commitment to gun rights politics. And then I suppose the nationwide sweep of shall issue regimes, which hit N.Va while I was living there and Missouri shortly before I moved back.

      My how times have changed, though. Massachusetts has gotten a lot worse (anticipation of that was a large factor in my leaving), but mostly it’s like night and day.

  6. For reference this is what mine looks like… although probably for a much longer period of time.

    I would take this as proof that Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota don’t actually exist.

  7. I can see my house!

    Glad to see I’m not the only Oregonian who reads your site. :)

    1. There’s two of us in Oregon that read this blog. It’s one of about 5 things I read everyday when I sit down to the machine. Get’s my blood going.

  8. Live in Fairfax County, VA. DC metropolitan area. Nearby city (City of Fairfax is not part of Fairfax County due to Virginia’s cities all being separate from the surrounding counties) is home to NRA HQ. NRA HQ happens to be one of the two most popular ranges in the area.

  9. Think of us [NYCer] like the Russians secretly listening the to the BBC and American radios while behind the iron curtain.

  10. I’ve always thought that Arlington county was a better place to live than DC. Wasn’t until I started reading this blog (and others) that I realized how right I was ;D

    Some days, I can feel the stupid wafting across the river…

  11. Hey, I read your most excellent blog a lot, so my circle should be way BIGGER! [end joke]

  12. Maybe I helped in someway when I posted the raffle on my YouTube page? Doubt it as I’m sure my 400 subscribers is nothing compared to the amount of folks that come here everyday.

  13. Currently stationed with the MFO in Egypt. Not sure where our internets comes from, so I might be one of the Tel Aviv hits.

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