The Next Deranged Mass Murderer

I have not much to say about what is now being dubbed by the media as the temple shootings. Robert Stacy McCain is compiling the facts as they come in. Expect the gun control groups to be exploiting this to the max for their political agenda. Expect the media to exploit this to the max for ratings and readership. Expect that to inspire another deranged lunatic to seek infamy.

6 thoughts on “The Next Deranged Mass Murderer”

  1. Funny, the first thing my eyes locked on were the words at the top of Stacy McCain’s masthead,

    “One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.” — Arthur Koestler

    That totally deflected my thought processes away from the issue at hand, and caused me to wonder, shouldn’t that be “knows to be the truth,” rather than “thinks?

    Isn’t what we are commenting about, right now, that people are ruthlessly commenting on what they probably sincerely believe to be the truth? And aren’t they doing precisely what Stacy implicitly endorses?

    Sorry — back to hoping that the truth about the shooter doesn’t gore any allies’ oxen.

    1. No, I think “thinks” is the right word. We cannot always know the truth for certain, but if we have reason to believe that X is true, we should ruthlessly write about it…or shut up.

      Of course, if X turns out to be false, and we think that Y is true, we should be just as ruthless writing about Y, as we were writing about X.

  2. I love that the murderer was stopped by a GUN. Surely that’s what the liberal press reported, didn’t they? Oh no…they wrote the “shooter” was stopped by a cop (the latter’s gun not mentioned). Hypocrites!

  3. Great observation Arnie. It’s only the gun doing the killing in the hands of the deranged mass murderer. When it comes to the person that stopped the mass murderer, that’s all credited, correctly in my opinion, to the person who took them down.

  4. It seems the shooter was the former leader of a “skinhead” band.

    Somewhere may survive a video of a gun owners rally here in Pennsylvania, in year 2000, where the band playing by invitation was “PokerFace.” They were later identified as a Christian Identity “freedom rock” band, though they have cleaned up their website anytime they thought they might fall under serious inspection. They also have played here at Ron Paul events, I believe, and at at least one event for congressman Lou Barletta.

    I can’t be seen in that Y2K video, but if it is located by anyone, there is a flag being waved wildly above the crowd. I was the guy waving it.

    Theme: Gun owners should start looking harder at who they’re standing next to. There is no patent on either “stealth” or “infiltration,” and patriotic blather is cheap.

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