Gun owners are paranoid …

… because no one is advocating we come to take away your guns. These types of sentiments are common enough in my Google alerts, I seldom comment on them. Given that they are far far outside the mainstream of American thought, I don’t feel a need to answer them. But every once in a while we need reminding that any gun control advocate who tells you that is trying to sell you a bridge, even if it’s only piece-by-piece.

12 thoughts on “Gun owners are paranoid …”

  1. With the increased volume of such editorials I’ve seen lately, I have been encouraged by those commenting on these pieces.

    Ninety percent of those commenting see through the author’s BS and call them out for their ludicrous position. That is unless it’s a NY Times editorial. And then it’s just the opposite.

  2. Sure, gun owners are paranoid, except when we are right! SB 249 in California seeks to make an entire class of rifles that have been deemed legal by the state Attorney General, illegal. This would force owners of these rifles to dispose of them or risk prosecution.

    May not be a confiscation, but it sure looks like a gun ban to me. Beware all gun owners. They’ll try this in your state next, if you let them.

  3. Who want to be the first to ‘splain him that by his yardstick, Indiana’s gun laws are way more “extreme” than those of Florida or Texas?

  4. Well given that the antis have never EVER claimed Gun X is OK for civilians to own, and have rampaged against.
    -Small Easily Concealable guns
    -Big Powerful guns
    -High Powered Sniper Rifles
    -Armor-piercing “cop-killer” ammo (meaning anything that defeats type IIA ballistic armor…AKA any center fire rifle round)
    -Semi-auto guns that are “too inaccurate, and bullet hoses”
    – Bolt action guns that are “long range sniper weapons”

    Hell they’re now railing against the pump-action shotgun used by the asshole in Colorado.

    They seem to be covering EVERYTHING.

    I don’t own a single gun they haven’t spoken about wanting to ban.

    So they don’t want me to buy any MORE guns….what are they going to do about somebody like me with such an “Arsenal”?

    If they aren’t coming for my guns, they sure aren’t making any effort to reassure me.

    Hell Joan Peterson had no problem praising England for forcing lawful gun owners to give up their guns for “fair compensation”.

    To quote Dianne Feinstein:
    “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.”

    They aren’t talking full-on confiscation ONLY because they don’t have the votes or support!

    1. In that Feinstein quote she was talking about “assaulty” guns and why the 94 ban was only on sales and not possession. However, as mayor of San Francisco she pushed for and signed a total ban on all firearms with confiscation and destruction of handguns and no new acquisitions of long guns or ammunition (even inheritance). So we do know what she wants. Of course, at that time she had her own concealed carry license because she watch Harvey Milk get murdered and sought out the best means of protection for her.

  5. I have to tell you, although the guy is philosophically wrong, at least he is, IMHO, legally correct.

    He acknowledges that “shall not be infringed” prohibits federal regulation, and that the authority to “reasonably” restrict the RTKBA rests solely with the States and their people. He also recognizes that before anything can change, the 2A must be changed or repealed (a near impossibility).

    I can actually stomach this fellow because even though he is disgustingly wrong (and paranoid) about guns, he has essentially emasculated power to threaten us.

    Respectfully, Arnie

  6. He’s fallen into the fallacy that gun banners are a majority in this country and if only that darn old NRA would allow them to organize, guns would be a thing of the past.

  7. I wish they were far outside the mainstream, but I know that there a lot of people running on wishful thinking these days.

    It’s not paranoid to use a seat belt, and it isn’t paranoid to keep an eye on gun control groups.

  8. Perhaps it’s time to respond to anti-2A proposals with this question:

    “What other parts of the Bill of Rights do you oppose?”

  9. It is my right, I was born with it, and is far above your power to detract from. You can nether take it away or curb it in any manner. Nor can I give it up, I may chose not to exercise my right but, it is still with me. You can try to regulate it, that is oppression, to ban it is tyranny. You can lock me in the deepest dungeon but, it will still be with me. Your only hope is to end my life; you should be prepare to pay the price should you try.

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