Oh, That Lefty “We Don’t Want to Take Your Guns” Meme

The Baltimore Sun is whipping up good old fashion straw-man stereotyping hoe down, where we celebrate those silly and stupid gun nuts who think people want to ban their assault weapons, regulate gun show out of existence and force registration of firearms. Silly gun owners. I have no idea where they could get such a nutty idea like that from. Really. How stupid can these ignorant rednecks be? I mean, we here at the Baltimore Sun know these types struggle with reading, but we are so much better than them. Let’s celebrate!

The folks at the Baltimore Sun want to shame us out of our activism with their own smug sense of superiority. Clearly they believe we should listen. I would. If you have a subscription to the Baltimore Sun, cancel it now. Tell them why. Starve the beast. It’s the only way to beat them.

4 thoughts on “Oh, That Lefty “We Don’t Want to Take Your Guns” Meme”

  1. Nobody in MD who cares about 2A does anything but line litter boxes with other people’s unread Sun newspapers.

    They are kind of a laughing-stock propaganda arm of certain factions in the state. It’s not all-in for any Dem – it’s in for certain Dems. That’s what happens in a one-party state; the factions develop. But being other-than-Dem is worse. Everyone else is trash to them.

    They get no national traction, either.

  2. That sounds like the majority of printed rags we have in Oregon.They keep raising the price & are getting thinner and thinner. They just can’t figure out that people live in other parts of the state than the liberalvilles. The papers are just buttwipe most every where else.

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