I Love the Smell of a Little (near) Civil Disobedience

It isn’t quite civil disobedience since it was still legal at the time, but I loved reading this story at PA Water Cooler earlier this month about some politicians encouraging folks to fight against the nanny state:

The Council voted to ban barbecue grills within five feet of homes, any combustible material, or property lines. Got a wooden deck? Then you’ll either have to move your grill or teach it how to levitate. Otherwise you’re a criminal.

Fortunately, Mayor George Doscher chose to veto it because apparently his head is screwed on straight. Good for him. Not to be outdone, though, the Bellevue Council doubled down and overrode the veto! …

The mayor and Councilwoman Kathy Coder (who is also running for the State House and you should totally check out her website and throw some cash her way) led a good old-fashioned civil disobedience event by holding a still-legal-for-now cookout in front of the Borough Building. The mayor even wore a chef’s hat.

6 thoughts on “I Love the Smell of a Little (near) Civil Disobedience”

  1. Wow!! I have now seen it all.

    Hello officer, what are you doing in my back yard?
    “I am here to make sure you are not grilling on your property.
    “Officer, please get off my private property, you have not been invited to remain here!”

    1. New York State has a law similar to this. They passed it in a year where four homes had caught on fire because of backyard BBQs.

      If we could just prevent *one* fire, it’s worth it! ((C)6,000 BC; TM, Patent #-567,143,122,122,990,888,984,128,186)

  2. “Near civil disobedience?”

    Hardly. It sounds like a cagey campaign event conducted by a smart mayor with a populist sense of what’s going to be popular come next election. I’ll bet there was some video taken.

  3. Our county has a 8 ft limit from house for open flame outdoor cooking. Mostly not enforced except if you have a nazi run HOA.

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