Latest Poll Post Aurora: Bad News for Our Opponents

Pew: Views on Gun Laws Unchanged after Shooting. Yet on their side there has been hope, that this time was going to be different! This time they were going to turn it around, and start sticking is to us. They’d show us!

Well, not bloody likely, is this polling is believed.

5 thoughts on “Latest Poll Post Aurora: Bad News for Our Opponents”

  1. I get the distinct impression that the unwillingness of national media to address the deinstitutionalization question was because they were hoping to ride this to a ban on assault weapons. It doesn’t help any that nationally prominent “conservatives” like Bill O’Reilly want to help them.

    I guess we will just keep going down this destructive path, with no hope of fixing anything. This country is headed to destruction. The people with power won’t be content until they make this place into a low-grade version of France, and the rest of us are unable to stop them.

  2. I really hate that pinhead Bill O’Reilly. Stupid filthy Irish scum! (I apologize if I offended any of you Irish scum readers.)


    But seriously, it must be frustrating to have released a book about crazy people and deinstitutionalization just a few days before a nutburger shoots up a movie theater, only to be ignored in favor of the usual gun control tripe. At least you have the internet now, and ready exposure to millions of gun nuts!

    How are sales at this point?

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