City Council Fiddles

As I’ve said before, I am not in favor of making abortion illegal, however, it’s good to see that Philadelphia City Council has such a good handle on the cities other problems that it has time to make useless declarations about being a “pro-choice” city.

Pro-choice, that is, if you want to cut a fetus out of your body.  If you choose to carry a gun for self-protection, that’s a choice, if Philadelphia got its way in Harrisburg, that City Council wouldn’t allow you to make.

Three Republicans and five Democrats voted against the resolution Thursday, including Councilwoman Marian Tasco, an abortion-rights advocate.

“We ought to respect all views and not to label the city one way or the other,” Tasco said.

Kudos to Councilwoman Tasco.   I feel the same way.  Even Nutty Nutter agrees with with me here!