That’s a Frummy Thing to Say

Certain segments in the media persist in this ridiculous notion that David Frum is conservative. This article would seem to indicate that notion is nonsense, rattling off nonsensical statistics about the dangers of guns in the home. Tam pretty effectively eviscerates his arguments. I always love the arguments from anti-gunners about how the presence of a gun in my home raises my risk of suicide. My risk of suicide is exactly zero. Would anyone say such a thing about the presence of rope or Tylenol? Would anyone suggest the presence of a railroad in my town, or a tall building, increases my suicide risk? No, most sensible people would say thats patently ridiculous. It’s just as patently ridiculous with guns.

2 thoughts on “That’s a Frummy Thing to Say”

  1. David Frum is like Bill Maher in that, whenever either says or writes anything, he cannot help displaying every one of his worst character flaws in the ugliest way possible. When Maher gets up there attacking religions, even the most hardened atheist can see this isn’t about religion; it’s about squelching any and all criticism of his selfish hedonistic lifestyle. And when Frum opens his mouth on any subject whatsoever, it’s never about the subject at hand. It’s always about getting revenge on the conservatives whom he blames for his firing by George W. Bush–which in all probability had absolutely had nothing to do with Patrick Buchanan or any other pundit, and had everything to do with Frum’s closeness to Iranian agent Ahmed Chalabi. Frum’s obsession with revenge is why he makes ridiculous statements like his claim that all the gun buyers are acting under orders from Rush Limbaugh. Or that all gun owners are cowardly old people who are terrified of blacks.

  2. I think we ought to form the Danielle Crittenden Divorce Fund, to fund her divorce from that creepy, cowardly parasite (and, let’s be honest, to bribe her to do it).

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