Gun Control Groups to Protest Bullfeathers

Looks like the anti-gun groups are planning themselves a little (and I do mean little) protest of NRA. Of course, they are not going to protest NRA’s high-profile headquarters in Fairfax, but instead will protest NRA’s non-descript Federal Affairs office, which sits atop the popular Capitol Hill bar Bullfeathers. I guess the anti gun groups can’t really cover the cost of bus or cab fare out to Fairfax these days, so I suppose I should be understanding here.

It’s a shame I’m in a rush to get back, because Bitter and I could pass through DC and counter protest. Actually, the idea we came up with would be to stop off at a gun shop and pick up one of those jam-o-matic 100 round drum magazines, and offer to destroy it on camera under one condition: that the protesters all sing “I’m A Little Teapot,” of course also acting out the song as they sing it. I figure their dedication to stopping gun violence and ridding our streets of these killing machines is very strong, so of course they would be willing to suffer some minor embarrassment among gun bloggers to accomplish it.

12 thoughts on “Gun Control Groups to Protest Bullfeathers”

  1. Makes sense. You are going to get visibility from Congressmen,tourists, staffers, etc. with the DC location

    1. You won’t get that many of those folks down in that area. I mean there’s pretty much just Bullfeathers, Talay Thai, and Subway right there. I don’t even count Tortilla Coast since the entrance and the bushes will essentially block any view down that way. If there’s still any construction going on down by the buildings owned by the truckers, then that whole block will look a bit unappealing to tourists. There are higher profile areas to pick than the building that houses the NRA office.

      Even better, if anyone down there doesn’t happen to know it’s in the building, it will look awfully out of place.

      1. You kidding me? I don’t know what time it is, but that place is packed/heavy trafficked around lunch time hours. (I live a few blocks away)

      2. Pretty close. It’s full of staffers at lunch and late night. Once upon a lonesome it was a great place to go to hook up with little staffers and express no concern over…ahem…political stings attached.

        Good tacos next door. Decent chicken club below the office. Better burgers elsewhere (Hell Burger before Obama/Biden/Putin).

        But you won’t find anyone of significance there. Which is of course why the staffers flock to that hood after hours.

  2. I have one if those jam-o-matic drums. Jammed the first time I loaded it; never did fire more than the first round. Took it apart to empty it – it’s still in pieces. I’ll stick to 30-round banana mags from now on!

  3. Sebastian,

    As nice an idea that is, you can’t do that in DC. You’d be arrested for illegal possession of a machine gun. DC law is that a magazine of greater than 10 rounds is considered a rapid-fire accessory and falls under their definition of a machine gun. Same penalty as if you had a real M-16 or Uzi. Couldn’t even bring in a standard capacity magazine. Such is the madness and ignorance of those who hate civilian firearm possession.

  4. interestingly, looking over the RSVP list on facebook, it appears that there are less than 1/2 a dozen folks who have RSVPd in the DC area. I mean, do you really think someone is going to fly in from Eugene, Oregon to attend a protest at Bullfeathers???? On another hotter than hades kind of day??

    I would have attended, but I had a different event to attend.

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