SayUncle on Media Reaction to Aurora Shooting

I’ll need more dick kicking shoes” We’re somewhere there is cable this weekend. The media has been covering this wall to wall, speaking of all kinds of things about the killer, and about the bombs, the guns, etc. Tragedy as entertainment. I’m now really glad I cut the cable. Starve the media beast!

3 thoughts on “SayUncle on Media Reaction to Aurora Shooting”

  1. I kept it turned off, except to feed the toddler reruns of Dora the Explorer from the Tivo. The one time I turned the TV on today, it was still on Fox from earlier this week. Before I could swap for Tivo, I heard enough to figure they had a priest talking about the philosophical aspects of this. I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

    FWIW, I thought constant reruns of the same 5-6 Dora episodes were bad (DirectTV hates Viacom who produces Nick Jr., so no new shows for now). I was wrong. This coverage is so bad I’d even listen to those Yo Gabba Gabba twits.

    Anyone who has suffered Yo Gabba Gabba knows what I am talking about understands just how bad the coverage is. I’ll take DJ Lance over any network right now.

  2. Rabbit ears, converter box, and 24/7 of black and white programming from the 50’s and 60’s.

    Not only is it free, but I get to avoid most of the idiocy of the current generations’ “standard bearers”.

  3. Roku box, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Rabbit ears for local news if I need it (weather emergencies like the recent derecho, etc.). I haven’t had cable since the late 90’s, and I don’t miss it at all. Heck, even most of the local news is online within an hour of being broadcast. Why would I pay for stuff I can get for free, and have to deal with commercials?

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