Impending Hard Drive Failure

One of the disks on our server is acting up and will have to be swapped out at some point. I do keep both onsite and offsite backups, so there is no real danger. But if you notice the blog being slow, it’s because we’re having intermittent disk problems on the mirrored pair. Once I have some time, I’ll go deal with it.

UPDATE: I have swapped out the old drive and put in a new one. The mirrored pair is rebuilding.

3 thoughts on “Impending Hard Drive Failure”

  1. Are you using Dell servers? I have solved many HDD issues on Dells with simply pulling the drive out and reseating it.

  2. I just replaced my laptop drive with an SSD. Wow what a difference….

    The smaller ones have really come down . In price.

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