We’re On New SSDs

The blog was up and down yesterday because I got two SSDs to replace the aging platters in this system. Since it’s been years since I did a fresh install, I decided to do that. Apparently little works right in Ubuntu 16.04.02 Server.

But all seems to be well now. I did decide to get two, and go with a mirrored pair.

8 thoughts on “We’re On New SSDs”

  1. Appreciating any performance improvement with mechanicals in the rear view?

    1. Yes… but it’s showing how old the rest of the system is because it’s still slow compared to my more modern workstation.

  2. what the heck is an SSD?

    The Google search on “SSD gun” returned thus: https://ssdinternationalinc.com/

    “SSD International offers agencies a firearm buy back program, as well as a trade-out program, to help accommodate agencies in procuring the most updated firearms available for service. We offer competitive pricing for confiscated and surplus firearms. Trade-in values are given as direct payouts or as an SSD credit. We can provide your department with the latest combat weapons, tactical gear, and accessories.”

    So wait, citizens turn in guns, SSD buys them and gives credit to agencies, then turns around and resells them for profit? Is this post about gun laundering??

  3. I don’t know if Ubuntu is not right, but maybe its just not the Linux we grew up with.

    I feel this way about so many implementations these days. They have “managers” on top of services on top of daemons, all to make it “easier” to use. In some cases they have a hit (ethernet/wireless hopping on laptops) and on some they struck out. I don’t think inetd is a thing you even need to know about anymore, for instance.

    Just remember that if you have weird effects that should not occur, it’s probably SE Linux. For instance: httpd not being able to write to a file with the correct ownership and permissions under your web root — you need to also update SE Linux extended attributes to allow writing to specific files (man page “chcon”).

    That last one will sometimes bite you if your blog software uses cache files under web root, or if it precompiles something like MarkDown into HTML.

    1. I mean there are bugs. MySQL 5.7 doesn’t install correctly. I decided to use MariaDB instead, which installs properly, but has a botched App Armor config that has to be fixed.

      This is the only install I have of Ubuntu. At work it’s either RHEL or CentOS, which I think overall are better distributions, but Ubuntu has a very nice upgrade path.

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