Obama Tops $300 Billion Mark

That’s how much more of your money he wants to spend.  It’s 36% higher than what Hillary Clinton is calling for.  Guess where that money is going to come from?  That’s right.  Out of our wallets.

I would note for those of you who think there’s no difference between these two socialist weenies and John McCain, that that National Taxpayer Union, who is keeping track of Obama’s promises to take more and more of our hard earned dollars, lists McCain as a Taxpayer Friend.  He ranks 6th in the Senate.

4 thoughts on “Obama Tops $300 Billion Mark”

  1. surprised mccain is listed above coburn…

    what’s important for me is looking at his record (i.e., consistency) info going back to 1992…if anything with mccain, its the inconsistency factor he has on certain conservative issues that makes me think twice about him…but, to his credit, he’s been consistent on “taxpayer” issues since ’92…

    thanks for the info, sebastian…

  2. Another thing about Obama’s “record” – if you read Spivak’s article, Barak Obama and Me. it was all manufactured in a single year and orchestrated by party boss Emil Jones. Besides taxes, his previous penchant for pork is also phenomenal. Now he’s attempting a u-turn, oh please. Taxes (and in other parts of the world, bank robbery, kidnapping, and narcotrafficking) are how Socialists “plan” their economies.

  3. Note that most of those very expensive looking items have no official estimate for cost yet. That 300 billion leaves out several hundred billion in expenses that haven’t been officially estimated yet. I could spot at least 150 billion in “rough estatimates” that aren’t part of the 300 billion figure.

  4. That’s okay, at the rate the dollar is imploding that 300 billion will only be worth about 100 billion by time he’s in the oval office.

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