They Have Criminals, We Have…

In light of the Brady Campaign highlighting the tragic plight of wealthy gun criminals, I figured I would point out that we have Alton Brown who deserves much more credit for contributions to helping the world better understand the food they eat than athletes who promote excess and misbehavior without consequences.

4 thoughts on “They Have Criminals, We Have…”

  1. We have all the law-abiding gun owners.

    That has always been the central “Big Lie” of the anti-gun groups. Conflate the gun use by gang members and other criminal groups with people who support the 2nd Amendment and follow the rules.

    Its the only way their methods look valid is to conflate the Convicted felon who carries a stolen Glock to protect his crack trade with the guy who lawfully bought his Glock and has a carry permit to protect himself and his loved ones from the violent members of society.

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