New Chicago Gun Laws Pass

They backed off on a few provisions, but it’s now law. Instead of one gun only, they did one-gun-a-month. No ban on gun shops, but a ban on gun ranges. This is still unacceptable, however.

UPDATE: More information here. Not sure whether all these made it into the final version or not.

UPDATE: Via SayUncle, commentary from Alan Gura here.

6 thoughts on “New Chicago Gun Laws Pass”

  1. I’m going to assume this will be challenged as well? Many of those things are what eventually led to the Heller decision, right?

  2. The DC city council changed their laws in a fashion such as this after the Heller decision. I seem to recall how DC initially categorized all semi-auto handguns as being “machine guns” and therefore still illegal after the DC handgun ban was rescinded.

  3. I just read the City of Chicago’s press release. They are calling their new overly anal-retentive gun law the “Responsible Gun Ownership” ordinance. What a crock! This new law in Chicago has so many hoops to jump through and strings attached, it really ought to be called the “Sore Loser Anti-gun Liberal Law” or something like that.

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