19 thoughts on “Guns Aren’t the Only Thing The Media Gets Wrong”

  1. Actually KTLA is simply lazy. The photo is a stock photo of a VC-9C which was once a model used as Air Force Two. The text is correct that Air Force Two is now a Boeing 757.

  2. Air Force two is whatever aircraft that the V.P. is flying on.
    It could also be Marine two, Army two, Navy two or Coast Guard two.
    Just like when the President is on a aircraft and it becomes —- one.
    That stock picture of the VC-9 and it is not a 757.

    1. <q cite="Air Force Two should be a C-1310 because if it is good enough for cargo, it is too good enough for a this Veep.”

      Fixed it for you ;^)’

  3. Notice the placement of the engines in the rear near the stabalizer. It is an MD-88.

  4. Watching a “Bones” rerun earlier. Supersmart scientists dig out old aet of bones and pull out a pistol which is immediately identified by one and all as a “Ruger Mk-III”. Olny problemwas that it was more probably a Lorcan, a Highpoint, or something similar as best I could see… me and any other RKI who mgiht have been watching, heh.

  5. Maybe I’m just being picky, but isn’t the flag on the tail backwards? As I recall from Boy Scouts, school and boot camp, when a flag is mounted or painted, the field of stars is to the flag’s own right.
    Of course, flag etiquette is probably too neanderthal for this modern bunch, them being all enlightened and stuff.

    1. No, there is an exception to the general rule of “Canton in the upper left corner when displayed” when painted or mounted on something that moves.

      When a flag is displayed on a moving object, it must be painted the same way as it would look if it was an actual flag mounted on a staff and attached to the object moving in its normal direction.

      Think of the little flags mounted on the front of diplomatic cars. They fly in the wind.

      When a flag is painted on a moving object like a car or a plane (or is on the right shoulder of a soldier’s uniform) it should be displayed with the canton in front as if the moving object (or soldier, cause they don’t retreat!) is moving forward and the wind is blowing the flag backwards.

    1. They seem to do an acceptable job of spelling the reporter’s names correctly…….

  6. Thank you, Mr. Sorrentino. I’ll put that piece of information in my memory bank for further use.

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