I Am Amused by Everyone Talking about Wawa

Mitt Romney, being from Michigan, and more recently Massachusetts, probably does not have much experience with Wawa. For those of you who live in Sheetz country, you can get a pretty close comparison to Wawa’s ruthless efficiency on delivering you food. If you can find a good Wawa, you go to the console, pick out your sandwich or other eats, go grab a drink or other convenience store items, then pay for it (the machine prints out a receipt for you to pre-pay, which will then be stamped paid by the cashier.) Usually, if the Wawa is good, and not too busy, you’ll turn around back to the deli counter, and trade a stamped receipt for your Hoagie (not a Sub, as the barbarians call it). Also with Wawa, instead of the standard “Would you like fries with that,” the machine will always ask whether you’d like bacon with that. Doesn’t matter what the sandwich is, they’ll slap some bacon on it for you if you want. They’ll even slap double bacon on if you want. I’ve been to other parts of the country, where there is no Wawa, and other than Sheetz, I haven’t found a whole lot that measures up.

So the fact that Mitt was surprised by this whole process doesn’t mean a whole lot. Wawa is one thing I would sorely miss if I lived somewhere else. Both 7-11 and the gas station convenience stores are ghetto by comparison.

18 Responses to “I Am Amused by Everyone Talking about Wawa”

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    I don’t think he was surprised so much as the Liberals are trying to paint him as out of touch. See The Blaze. Or my blog post on the topic.

    • Sebastian says:

      I linked to your post in that example. He certainly wasn’t surprised in the sense the left is accusing, but certainly surprised enough by it to think it an example of private sector innovation.

  2. Broken Andy says:

    What I can’t figure out is why there aren’t more Wawas. Why is it still very much a regional thing?

  3. SPQR says:

    The whole thing is based on a fraudulently edited video put out by MSNBC’s crew of partisan, lying shills.

    • Jake says:

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I assumed that from the start. Most anti Republican-candidate stories are based on a fraudulently edited video put out by [$MEDIA-COMPANY]’s crew of partisan, lying shills.

  4. Patrick H says:

    I’m not a fan of Wawa’s- I much prefer Sheetz. They have a bigger MTO menu (like salads for one).

    • HSR47 says:

      I’ve eaten at both, and given a choice, I go to Wawa. It’s a combination of familiarity, and never having had a negative reaction to the food.

      Generally speaking, when I get a hoagie, I opt for tuna salad; I’ve never had any issues with Wawa’s tuna salad, but both times I’ve had Sheetz’s version, I’ve had what I can only describe as an allergic reaction. I don’t know what they put in it, but it doesn’t agree with me.

  5. David says:

    I’m lucky, I live on the edge of both Sheetz and Wawa country. I got the best of both worlds. I just ate a sheetz burrito tonight

  6. Oranje Mike says:

    I won’t take the time to watch any drivel MSNBC puts out. While I am a devout libertarian and will not support Romney, I don’t see how Wawagate can be used against him. I lived near Scranton for 18 months and would visit Sheetz from time to time. I had never seen anything like that ordering system before or since. The first time I was at Sheetz I went to the cashier to verify that those machines did, in fact, take orders. I’ve never been to Wawa but the technology is quite amazing.

  7. FatWhiteMan says:

    I have absolutely no clue what I have just read here. I’ve never heard of a Wawa or a Sheetz.

  8. Countertop says:

    I’m thinking Andrea Mitchell has never been to a Wawa or a Sheetz. Last I checked they don’t have them in Georgetown. Or on Park Ave

    As to why there aren’t more Wawas???

    Well …..,, I suspect that Mitt Romney (having experienced their superior ordering system) is probably trying to buy them and expand their business across the country right now.

    • Oranje Mike says:

      That would be more fruitful than continuing NWO b.s. from the White House. Buy that Wawa, Mitt!

  9. RR says:

    From Wikipedia:

    “[Wawa] operates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.”

    Not exactly surprising that a guy from Michigan/Massachusetts has never heard of it.

  10. Jake says:

    I’d like to see the technology used in a sit-down restaurant. Picture this: You have a touch-screen at your table you use to put in your order. The waiter delivers your drinks and food, and there’s a call button to summon a waiter if you have any questions. During the meal, there are also buttons for drink refills and for adding to your order (dessert, adult beverages, etc.). When you’re done, you hit the button for your receipt, and if you pay by credit card, you have the option of swiping it at the table.

    Waitstaff would, of course, be paid a reasonable wage rather than having to rely on tips. Customers would be made aware of this, but tips would still be suggested for cases of “extraordinary” service.

  11. rudytbone says:

    I do live somewhere else (Houston) and I do miss Wawa!!

  12. Zermoid says:

    I haven’t seen a WaWa since I left NJ, where I lived we had the big three, WaWa, 7-11, and Cumberland Farms all within a dozen blocks or less.

    But yeah, Sheetz is good place, decent prices and good food.

  13. Cargosquid says:

    We have BOTH. Virginia is civilized!