London Olympic Shooting Venue

I feel sorry for our Olympic shooters this year. They must suffer with this eyesore of a venue.

Pictures are from a walkthrough featured on Dezeen which adds:

The shooting galleries for the London 2012 Olympic games are covered in spots that look the suckers of an octopus’ tentacles.

The rest of their description actually focuses on the function of the buildings, so go read the whole thing if you’re interested.

6 Responses to “London Olympic Shooting Venue”

  1. Stew says:

    Tentacles? I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going. At least the participants will be armed.

  2. ecurb says:

    The UK is full of public and semi-public buildings designed by terrible architects. The usual strategy is “a) pretend it doesn’t exist”, or “b) if we can’t ignore it, give the designer a knighthood to forestall criticism”.
    I notice more and more of them popping up in the US these days, but nothing quite this awful. It would serve better as a target than a venue…

  3. Stranger says:

    Actually, they remind me of antique Electro Voice woofers Jennings Speaker Service reconed in assorted colors; placed at random in the building walls. Ugly – and non-functional to boot. However, they would make good targets.


  4. HerrBGone says:

    If the question was “Who moved my cheese?” I think we now know the answer as to where it was moved to…

  5. PT says:

    Is this where the laser tag competition (no real guns allowed) is going to take place?