World Champions

Eat that suckas.  To celebrate, Bitter and I got milkshakes from Wawa.  In what the Obama campaign surely would classify as racism, Bitter got Vanilla.  A long time coming is right.  I barely remember the last World Series win in 1980.  I remember 1983, where they went and lost, and 1993, where the same thing happened.

7 thoughts on “World Champions”

  1. You know, the last time the Phillies won the World Series, a GOP presidential candidate greatly exceeded the expectations of the pundits on election day…..

  2. Yep, the fans tried to burn down the city. Overturned cars, dumpster fires, smashed SEPTA windows, and some “minimal” looting.

    No worries though, last night was just practice. The REAL riots will be Nov 4th and/or 5th when the Lightworker ascends to his throne.

    You think fans riot when a sports team wins? We ain’t seen nothin yet… not to mention the violent reaction – should should Ba-O loose.

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