Victory in Kentucky

The are repealing the requirement to have a concealed weapons permit to carry in a business or a home. Pretty ridiculous for a state like Kentucky that was ever a requirement. But clearly we are reeling under the newfound momentum of our opponents. They have stopped the “gun lobby” in its tracks. Florida was their Battle of Midway.

4 thoughts on “Victory in Kentucky”

  1. I pray your last two comments were tongue-in-cheek; otherwise: what happened in Florida to put RTKBA on the defensive? What have I missed?

    1. I’m absolutely “taking the piss” there, to borrow a British expression. They are no better off now than they were before, despite what they think.

  2. Well, it was just the goofy way the Kentuck statute was written. You could carry just had to take off your jacket when in a home or business.

  3. I think we’ll find, in retrospect, that Florida was their Battle of Xuan Loc.

    (And yes, they’re ARVN.)

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