Victory in Kentucky

The are repealing the requirement to have a concealed weapons permit to carry in a business or a home. Pretty ridiculous for a state like Kentucky that was ever a requirement. But clearly we are reeling under the newfound momentum of our opponents. They have stopped the “gun lobby” in its tracks. Florida was their Battle of Midway.

4 Responses to “Victory in Kentucky”

  1. Arnie says:

    I pray your last two comments were tongue-in-cheek; otherwise: what happened in Florida to put RTKBA on the defensive? What have I missed?

    • Sebastian says:

      I’m absolutely “taking the piss” there, to borrow a British expression. They are no better off now than they were before, despite what they think.

  2. Shootin' Buddy says:

    Well, it was just the goofy way the Kentuck statute was written. You could carry just had to take off your jacket when in a home or business.

  3. jkp says:

    I think we’ll find, in retrospect, that Florida was their Battle of Xuan Loc.

    (And yes, they’re ARVN.)