Obama in the Primaries

According to Gateway Pundit, Obama has lost 36 Arkansas counties to a man known as John Wolfe. Who he is we don’t know. In Kentucky, however, he lost 67 counties to “uncommitted.” But hey, at least he didn’t lose them to a prison inmate, right?

As much as I’d like to joke, it’s still going to be close. This race is going to hinge on a couple of states, among them being Florida and Ohio, which are currently tossups.

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    1. Romney. Pennsylvania could be in play so I don’t intend, if it were to come close, be among the few votes that put Obama back in the White House for another four years.

  1. I am convinced that President Obama will lose and lose big.
    He has lost many Jews, many Catholics and many businessman.
    He only has the media and the blacks to support him. That will not be enough.

  2. Obama is having a rough go but only has himself to blame. Lucky for him the mainstream media, acting like state sanctioned news media, does not care to expound on his primary difficulties.

    1. He has himself to blame for allowing subordinates who do not keep him informed on policy decisions and statements prior to making them. The “administration” acts more like un-herded cats than a unified front.

  3. Obama’s win is 100% certain. There is nothing anyone can do about it. The powers that be and media has decided. This ‘election’ is a sham.

    1. Yeah, because when the Powers That Be and the Media were 100% behind Jimmy Carter’s second term, there was no stopping them! Oh, wait…Carter lost to Reagan, who the Media hated for all eight years of his Presidency.

      Not that the election is going to be any less of a sham, mind you. After all, Mitt Romney is likely to become our next President…

  4. Sebastian,

    Joihn Wolfe is an attorney and off-and-on radio talk show host who (I think) now lives in Nashville, but used to live in Chattanooga. He would most accurately be described as a Dixiecrat, and therefore is a constant thorn in the side of progressives, and probably why he gained so much support in Arkansas.

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