Interesting Post about Anti-SLAPP Laws

For those who have never heard of SLAPP, look here. Looks like the California Legislature actually got something right. A few other states seems to have decent laws in this regard as well. Pennsylvania’s anti-SLAPP statute looks very narrow, however. We should fix that.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Post about Anti-SLAPP Laws”

  1. You can’t be named in a lawsuit if they can’t identify you. Thank God for the internet. You can say whatever you want with near impunity on the internet, if you take reasonable care to hide your IP address.

    The only real defense against crap like this is to put yourself outside the reach of the courts. Laws to “protect” you mean nothing if “they” can discover your identity through a subpoena. The only safe way is the anonymous way.

  2. is it true that pa slap law only covers environmental issues? i’m being sued for defamation regarding a terrible experience i had and want to get my legal fees back. i’ve won arbitration already, but the plaintiff has appealed. Nothing I said was a lie, but I’m trying to figure out why I have to incur so many legal fees to protect my freedom of speech?

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