6 thoughts on “What Memorial Day Means to Our Opponents”

  1. An opportunity to bash the National Rifle Association and those of us who defend the rights and liberties they died for.

    Which rights and liberties would that be? The right to a police state?

  2. And good ol’ Balder/Jason pipes in w/ his alternative history.

    ‘Nasty Jack’ is just another hate monger who censors most of his comments and is a prime example of projection.

    1. Thirdpower: Jason Kilgore doesn’t have an alternative history. He is unable to have any original thought on any discuss. His comment is a simple parrot of Adam Winkler talking points and paranoia.

      1. Baldr’s parroted line is one of my favorites to rip apart. He seems to forget that the NRA wasn’t “protecting the second amendment” for their first 100 years because guys like him weren’t trying to destroy it.

        1. Weren’t trying to destroy it *for NRA members*. Ignoring the rights of non-members was a huge but inevitable mistake, and shows why all rights organizations need to have a membership base that forces them to represent the entire population.

  3. Of course, complaining about gun violence in Albany, New York, or that one place in Illinois…if only these places had lots of gun laws, this wouldn’t have happened!

    Oh, wait. They do have lots of gun laws!

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