Olympic Shooting: Just Say No

From Jeff Soyer, it seems that activists for gun bans in the UK don’t want to ease laws on olympic shooters, because pretty clearly this is a menace to civilized society:

What do they have to say?

Gill Marshall-Andrews of the Gun Control Network hit back: “We oppose any kind of change, even for training. Why should we put society at risk for the sake of a few sportspeople?”

And I’m supposed to believe these folks aren’t going to ban my sporting guns?  These types of hysterics don’t know limits.  They have an irrational phobia.  It shouldn’t be my problem, but in the UK, at least, they have made it everyone’s problem.

8 thoughts on “Olympic Shooting: Just Say No”

  1. Oh no! An evil assault pistol! (Note that the magazine is outside the pistol grip.) The horror! The horror!

  2. The GCN is a member of IANSA. So also are the Brady Campaign/MMM and several Joyce Foundation groups.

    Ms. Peters told UK sportsmen to “Get another hobby”.

  3. I dunno about a threat to society, but that thing is definitely a threat to my credit card… pretty.

    And, hey, if GB wants to go ahead and forfeit any chance they had of securing any firearm-related medals in any of the summer or winter games, more power to them. Makes it easier for the rest of us.

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