I am reminded of my late interaction with our opponents, of a paper written a few years ago by Dave Kopel, who borrows the term “Pacifist-Agressive” from Eugene Volokh. The paper examines, in length and in detail, of the roots of the pacifist movement, and offers some great examples of pacifisms successes and its failures. Also discussed a length are the intellectual failings underlying much of modern pacifism, which, whether CSGV wants to admit or not, form the intellectual basis of the many of the religious-left organizations that make up CSGV. I highly encourage folks to take some time to read it. It directly speaks on the matter of pacifisms failings on the “What would you do about Hitler?” question.

2 Responses to “Pacifist-Agressives”

  1. mobo says:

    They want to force non-violence on everybody else – and the irony is that they need state-sanctioned violence to impose it.

    The common sense standard for morality is NON AGGRESSION, not non violence.

    • Zermoid says:

      I live by the old saying “you better not be the one to start a fight, but damn sure be the one to finish it”. And teach my kids the same, I will not condemn them for protecting themselves, but if I find out they started it there will be hell to pay.