Anti-Gun Myth vs. Reality

Our opponents view of things in the past month or so:

The reality of the last couple of months: 11 wins for gun owners federally, three in Florida, one in Georgia, two in Mississippi, and three in Oklahoma including an omnibus bill that legalizes open carry, among other things. In addition, we are on our way to victories in Hawaii, Illinois, and we ousted a MAIG Mayor in Quantico. Meanwhile, back in the reality of anti-gun groups:

Sometimes, you see a wound that just begs to have salt poured on it.

17 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Myth vs. Reality”

  1. This is no surprise. The most rabid anti’s are 100% myopic when it comes to thinking outside of their perceived kumbaya utopia.

    Reality doesn’t work that way. Drum circles wont cure cancer anymore than they’ll stop thugs from preying on the innocent.

  2. Most of these anti groups have been fighting for relevancy for years now. Their push in recent years has been the “reasonable gun restrictions” approach. And of course the problem is that when people, that may have otherwise supported their position, take note of just how “unreasonable” most of what they are demanding is, they fall even more out of favor.

    When people look at their Facebook page or web site and see outlandish claims on NRA or any other group who supports legal and responsible firearms ownership… they tend to think “Man, I may have been for these people…but they seem a bit extreme to me, wonder if their definition of reasonable is the same one I have”

    I have several friends who are card carrying liberal asshats. But my friends non the less, and at least two of them, knowing that I am big into gun rights, have mentioned their reaction to seeing the Brady and CSGV web sites.

    This kind of reminds me of that old saying “all liberals ever tell conservative is to ‘Shut-Up” and all Conservative ever tell liberals is to ‘Keep talking!’

  3. To put things in perspective on relevancy, they now spend more time engaging us than they do legislatures.

    Gone are the days when they stood behind presidents as self-named bills were signed into law. Now they brag about getting a few more ‘likes’ on FB.

    1. To be fair, I suspect most legislators let Brady and Joyce calls go to voice mail these days.

      But yeah, They are NOT anti-gun, they are anti-freedom. Not only are these the people who will propose knife bans as well as any other defensive weapon ban if they are ever successful with a gun ban, but they will break every law on the books to ban guns.

      There isn’t an Amendment on the Bill of Rights they won’t break if they think it would be bad for guns or gun owners.

  4. The faulty presupposition of gun control activism: “Violent criminals obey the law.” Tell that one to a rapist, a mugger or a burglar!

      1. There’s always victories and defeats. It happens regularly. Especially on bills that split the GOP like the parking lot bill in TN, or bills that are pushing limits like campus carry. On campus carry, we’ve lost more than we’ve won. We’ve had a few spectacular defeats on Parking Lot bills too.

        But you’ll see groups like CSGV and Brady spinning this like it’s the Second Awakening. It’s not. Losses here and there are routine, and so is what I posted.

      2. That’s not a victory. Legislation fails all of the time for many reasons. A victory is passing legislation or repealing it. I haven’t seen any new gun control legislation or any repeal of any pro-gun legislation at the state or federal level in a while.

        1. That’s a pretty flimsy and self-serving definition of victory. I would consider a gubernatorial veto in a state like Arizona a victory indeed.

          1. I take a full legislature pummeling the Governor year after year with a pro-gun bill to be, at most, a draw.

          2. Jan Brewer has vetoed many bills put before her. That’s part of a Governors job.

            One bill she didn’t veto was constitutional carry.

            I have voted for her many times over the years and am proud of her performance as Governor of AZ, unlike the traitorous person that preceeded her.

    1. “will come”? Your day was in 1994, when you successfully hoodwinked America with the bait-and-switch deception of “assault weapons”.

      If the anti-gun side want another chance, they’d get along better if they stopped lying. Of course, that would mean no more advocating for the AWB, bans on standard size magazines, or pretty much *any* ban they want.

    2. Your day is already here, Mikeb, at least in places like Europe and Japan. You are welcome to it!

      But your comment reminds me of a response to someone who said “If you like guns so much, why don’t you go off and create your own country?”

      It was, “We have! Who the heck let you in!”

      Of course, this response isn’t completely appropriate for you: you’ve moved to Italy, where I suppose the gun laws are more to your liking. In which case, I have to say “You have your country, and we have ours. Now leave us alone.”

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