Another Case of Our Opponents Standing up for Thuggery

Barron Barnett and Weer’d take a look at another example of our opponents mourning a criminal who was justifiably killed by the person he was attacking. This is an example of what Bitter and I have been calling the “every little snowflake is precious” syndrome. Barron comes up with several more examples of this philosophy.

We should always strive to avoid taking of human life if it can possibly be avoided, but sometimes an attacker leaves no other alternative. Sometimes not every snowflake is precious. Some little snowflakes turn into thugs and cold blooded killers. Sometimes that happens before they turn 18. If our opponents want to actually contribute something positive in this world, they would take a look at the underlying social conditions that make juveniles turn to armed robbery, rather than focusing on the tools of that profession, and the people who carry defensive arms to protect themselves against our opponents precious snowflakes.

3 thoughts on “Another Case of Our Opponents Standing up for Thuggery”

  1. Great post! Yes I carry a gun everywhere I legally can. And Yes, I hope to die peacefully in my bed surrounded by loved ones, having never had to take another human life.

    In this case SOMEBODY was going to die that day. Knowing that dichotomy, I’m glad it was the juvenile delinquent who died.

    The purpose of my post was to point out that our opposition wishes it was the law abiding citizen.

    Why? Because they HATE us, and wish us ill.

    1. Spot on. For the general public it’s: “Don’t hurt the ‘wokring’ man; just lie back and think of England.”

      The rich, famous, connected, and agents of the state, however are better than us proles and are another matter.

      If presented the choice, they would rather a victim die than the criminal agressor die a “gun death”. That’s really all you need to say.

  2. I’m one of those who believe every life is a “precious snowflake”–but the fact remains, that when one precious snowflake unjustly threatens the life of another, then it’s up to the other precious snowflake to do what it takes to preserve the lives of innocent precious snowflakes.

    And if a criminally-minded precious snowflake dies, we mourn his death, and mourn the fact that, if only he had made better choices (or in some cases, wasn’t mentally ill), he’d still be with us today!

    I know one other take is, “Oh no, how did a 13-year-old get a gun? What in our culture led him to use it in such a way to do this?” The sad reality is, if the 13-year-old was raised in a gang culture, it’s likely he’d have all the access to guns he wants, and he’d likely be in an environment encouraging him to go out and rob and murder others.

    There’s no easy way to root out gang culture, as much as I’d like to do it. And it’s not going to happen any time soon, when people like Bill Crosby are destroyed for daring to tell gangstas that they should clean up their act, be respectable, and stop killing themselves.

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