Bad News For Our Opponents

A plurality of Floridans support the Stand Your Ground law. Support is particularly high among Republicans and Independents, with Democrats against it by about half. Sorry, but self-defense laws aren’t a place our opponents are going to get much traction among the people. Part of the reason that votes on these bills has been so lop sided is that no politician wants to be the one who voted against self-defense. Our opponents may find that our momentum is slowed for a bit, but I think it’s wishful thinking if they believe this is going to turn the tide.

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  1. ” Republicans overwhelmingly support it, 60 percent to 13, and independents support it 45 percent to 31 and Democrats Democrats oppose it 24 percent to 50 percent.”

    See how they changed the phrasing for the Democrat results. What this mean that Democrats support the SYG law 5 percentage point more than independents. I guess this issue is another loser for the Antis, at least according to these results.

    1. “See how they changed the phrasing for the Democrat results. What this mean that Democrats support the SYG law 5 percentage point more than independents.”

      Actually what it means is that the Times reporter doesn’t know how to write. Here is the original statement from PPP:

      “42% of Florida voters support the “Stand Your Ground” law, and 32% oppose it. Republicans overwhelmingly support it (60-13), and independents like it as well (45-31), but Democrats oppose it (24-50).”

      So no, the Donks don’t like it better than the Indes.

  2. I think the anti-gun movement really peaked mainstream in the late 80’s early 90’s. There was rising crime and violence starting in the late 60’s, then there was the “crack epidemic” of the 80’s. Through that time, the anti-gun movement gained ground becuase of the rising crime wave. But by 1993 the crime rate began to drop. Then the Clinton administration passed the Brady bill (1993) and AWB (1994) at the very tail end of the crime peak and it had no measurable effect. By that time Florida, and several other states had concealed carry, and people were begining to get the idea that taking guns away from law abiding citizens did nothing to stop criminals. In the 1994 mid term elections, the Dems lost 54 seats in the House, all of which belonged to Dems from swing states that signed the AWB. The country as a whole has been getting more “pro gun” as the failure of gun control in Europe, Australia, California, NY, and Chicago has become plain as day. The anit’s have to scream louder and louder over the silence of non-existant gun battles erupting in the streets. More and more every day, “never owned a gun before” middle class citizens are heading down to the local sporing goods store for a gun safety class and pistol. This is the way the gun control ends: Not with a bang but a hysterical whimper.

  3. I’m not so optimistic that it will end any time, but it’s good to see guns going into the hands of law abiding citizens, even if it’s in anticipation of things getting worse if Obumbler gets re-elected. The absence of OK-Corral gunfights among lawful concealed carriers shows that people accept responsibility when they receive it…anyone who carries has to acknowledge they could throw away vast sums of money and years of their life if they do something stupid, so they behave responsibly when carrying. Most people live up (or down) to what society expects and demands of them…

  4. I live and do day trips along the Florida/Georgia state line.
    These residents(and myself) have been raised with guns-all our lives. We are bristling with guns. Many of the men have been soldiers going back to before the Revolutionary War. Hunting and protecting our families, and our small communities since they were started. We are continuing to do so for perpetuity.
    This is cracker country; this is who we’ve always been.

  5. Stand Your Ground won’t take a big hit in Florida but it will take a hit in the places that were considering it prior to the Zimmerman affair.

    Zimmerman is also going to feed the gun-control trolls who will push time/place/manner restrictions that are not outright denials but are meant to harass and/or make carry difficult. Arming LEOs with the ability to take guns from lawful people for doing nothing, “for public safety” is on the list (see: Milwaukee). So to is charging carriers for Disorderly Conduct (Philly, elsewhere) if someone so much as sees a gun print.

    The fight will continue, just more nuanced. We really need a strong level of scrutiny from the big court on public carry…

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