More Poor Reporting from the Media

Via SayUncle, who notes that NYC firearms instructors seem to be out of touch with the gun culture as much as the media is, “$2 PATH fare-beater had pistol loaded with cop-killer bullets, cops say.” New York City is so far gone that even the cops don’t understand ballistics or guns.

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  1. Someone should ask the NYPD, the MTA and PATH Transit cops why they are using such vile implements of death and destruction if all they are for is to create maximum damage?

    1. Didn’t the NYPD (which the subway police were rolled into as I recall) insist on using FMJ for the longest time in their 9mm Glocks, and suffered from the resultant decreased stopping power and increased bystander injuries? (Well, it was the bystanders who really suffered, of course.)

  2. That Ken Cooper who was “quoted” in the article showed up in comments there saying that he was misquoted.

  3. “Most civilians don’t carry hollow-points because they are more expensive,” said Kenneth Cooper, a certified New York state firearms and use-of-force instructor.

    They got to be kidding, everyone I know who carries uses HP or Glaser type ammo for protection. And actually HP is even more likely to be stopped by a cop’s vest than a FMJ slug.
    Dumbasses are in charge, only explanation.

    1. Cooper replies in the article comments – apparently the reporter completely misquotes him.

  4. In every CHL class I’ve taken since 2001, FMJ was the favored defense round used by my classmates. I don’t remember what the favored ammunition was in 1996, the Texas CHL program was brand new and the focus was on not using your pistol/conflict resolution.

  5. Since most cops now wear pretty good body armor, wouldn’t FMJ’s be better “cop-killers”?

    1. Most may have it available, but I’m not sure most wear it most of the time. The government’s standards are based on deforming clay, not on stopping bullets in the real world and I gather it’s hard to satisfy their requirements and make it comfortable. Certainly my mid-90’s II-A Kevlar set isn’t very comfortable, and that’s not counting the ancient and unrelated heat problem or as Shakespeare put it in King Henry the IV Part II:

      Like a rich armour worn in heat of day,
      That scalds with safety.

      HT H. Beam Piper in his novel Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. Side Note: Piper was very RKBA, and a lot of his writings, although not this novel, lapsed into the public domain.

  6. In NJ, hollow point rounds possess magical powers and their mere existence causes the deaths of 10’s of thousands of police officers, nuns, and orphans every day. That’s why our wonderful leaders passed common sense regulations which ban the possession of hollow points, except in your home, or transporting them from the store to your home, or transporting them to the range or hunting. But thankfully, our legislators made it illegal to take your hollow point ammo with you when you move from one house to another. That, along with one-gun-a-month, makes us super safe! [/sarcasm]

    1. Yep – NJ sucks. For home defense, I made damn sure I have exactly the same ammunition as the State Police are issued (Gold Dot).

  7. And getting back to the Florida case, even Mother Jones (!, but see below about the transcript) is taking NBC to task for the 911 call editing: as Kevin Drum notes in a short item titled NBC Jumps the Shark on George Zimmerman:

    This is now fated to be Exhibit A in conservative charges of mainstream media bias for about the next century or so. And who can blame them? What a cockup.

    And he’s right, or as I’ve noted elsewhere, what made them think they’d get away with it when the 911 call was so easily available, or … hmmm, it was Mother Jones that provided the transcript of it….

    HT Extrano’s Alley (the best source of day to day updates I’ve found, thanks to our host) ->

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