Amicus Briefs Filed in Chicago Case

From the NRA:

Today, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Independence Institute on behalf of a coalition of law enforcement organizations, Institute for Justice, the Constitutional Accountability Center on behalf of constitutional law professors, and 70 state legislators from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin submitted amicus curiae briefs in support of National Rifle Association’s (NRA) appeal of the City of Chicago and the Village of Oak Park’s unconstitutional bans on handguns.

I anxiously await the Brady amicus brief.  As Dave Hardy pointed out, if Heller is such a great thing because it takes the fear of a total ban off the table, and open the possibility gun owners will accept more reasonable gun control laws, then incorporating Heller should be 50x better!

6 thoughts on “Amicus Briefs Filed in Chicago Case”

  1. There goes that damn NRA selling out gun owners again!
    Satire of course. just thought I’
    d put it up before some NRA hater did it in all seriousness.

  2. No mention that the NRA appeal was actually consolidated with the appeal filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois State Rifle Association. In fact, I recall the SAF mentioning NRA in their own press release … but apparently it doesn’t work vice-versa.

    I wish that these second amendment groups would at least pay lip service to each others efforts.

    Alan Gura is one of the SAF/ISRA counsel-of-record. Perhaps the NRA is still sore that they didn’t get the kudos for the Heller win …

  3. My understanding is that hatchet has been buried. I think it was expected the cases would be consolidated on appeal. I think Gura is still the attorney for the combined cases.

    But NRA somtimes is remiss at mentioning other parties. They’ve been getting better about it lately. Nagging helps :)

  4. Yeah, I too feel they’ve buried the hatchet. It’s not a huge deal to me, but sometimes wish the NRA would be more forward and gracious in acknowledging other parties involved in these efforts. But I don’t disparage them for the good work they do.

    I get tons of mail from NRA, but unfortunately, never receive a response when I write them as a member … which I have done many times.

  5. As of right now, three amicus curiae briefs in support of incorporation are available below.

    They include:
    – David Kopel’s brief on behalf of law enforcement groups
    – Nelson Lund’s brief on behalf of 7th circuit state legislators
    – Elizabeth Wydra’s brief on behalf of constitutional law professors

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