George Zimmerman Legal News

Looks like his attorneys have set up a site for news in the George Zimmerman case here. They’ll eventually be accepting donations to his legal defense fund. There were rumors that Zimmerman had raised 200,000 dollars himself, but I don’t know how true those rumors were, of if he can touch those funds at all.

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  1. From their website:

    Our online presence was created in response to the enormity of interest which has inundated the firm since our first day of involvement. Literally hundreds of emails and phone calls came in within hours of our announcement regarding our representation of Mr. Zimmerman. While they deserve a response, as they represent the public, the workload to do so is overpowering. It became readily apparent that an alternative forum was necessary to handle the high volume of interest we receive.

    Social media is the obvious answer.

    No, the public does not “deserve a response” to the hundreds of calls asking for information regarding a case that ended one life and could put another in prison, for life.

    This is what happens when you shoot someone and then are dumb enough to hire a douchebag TV analyst as your lawyer. This lawyer, his firm and the publicity-needy special prosecutor are going to each milk this case and stretch it for all it is worth.

    God, I hope we don’t end up with a Lance Ito judge. Any smart judge who didn’t walk from this thing (two ran away already) would just put an order telling each side to STFU and use exceptionally stiff sanctions against anyone who violates the secrecy order, including cops, court staff and the lawyers involved.

    The best thing that can happen for justice right now is for us to not watch the process on MSNBC, Fox and CNN – or God help us, the damn Presidential race.

  2. last I heard the money was put in a trust controlled by his lawyer to be used to pay for his defense and reasonable living expenses.

  3. Mr. Zimmerman’s attorney assures people that donate that their identity would not be disclosed. Well, that is not being candid but rather a falsehood and a material misrepresentation because as he very well knows, all it takes is a Court issued subpoena duces tecum directed to the custodian of records for PayPal and they would be legally bound to turn over that information which would include e a transaction log that would detail the date, time, name, bank name, bank account information, IP Address, amount, AND email address for every person that click that button to send any money through PayPal . And once that information is provided, it could be published all over the social media where EVERYONE and his mother can see it. So don’t be tricked into this dangerous game because it is like playing russian roulette…

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