Zimmerman Bail Set at 150K

The judge granted bail. The prosecution pushed for 1,000,000 dollar bail, arguing that he showed “a lack of adhering to authority,” and “Quite frankly, some people will want to get to him.” He is not to possess firearms, drink, or take controlled substances.

I’ll be interesting to see when Zimmerman’s attorney go for dismissal. As Popehat notes, the affidavit supporting the charges is complete garbage. ABC also has a photo of a bloodied Zimmerman. Tom Maguire also has some useful observations in that link as well.

17 thoughts on “Zimmerman Bail Set at 150K”

  1. I watched the live coverage and the defense attorney just steam rolled over the prosecution imho…Made it seem like there was no case there at all.

  2. Caught a little bit of this on CNN while out at lunch. Their legal analyst was beside himself over the prosecution and lead detective openly stating that they were unprepared for today’s hearing. Of course, that just makes this look that much more like a rail-roaded prosecution.

  3. The prosecution killed their own case here, I think. They have now admitted, under oath and on the record in open court, that they have no evidence that Zimmerman continued to follow Martin after the dispatcher told him he didn’t need to, and that they have no evidence on the critical point of who started the fight.

    Those two statements by themselves should be enough to get the charge dismissed before the trial.

    Like I was afraid of, this was all politics and mob appeasement.

  4. “O’Mara asked whether Gilbreath had any evidence contradicting Zimmerman’s statement to Sanford police on the night of the incident that Zimmerman 1) turned toward his car after losing sight of Martin; and 2) that Martin started the fight that led to the shooting. Gilbreath said no.”

    Wow. This won’t take long.

    1. I was reading a law blog earlier today and a lawyer pointed out something.

      The prosecution doesn’t have to prove that a particular person did a particular thing IF they can prove that the other person didn’t do that thing. In other words, they don’t have to prove that Zimmerman started the fight IF they can prove that Martin didn’t start the fight. (The circumstantial evidence will then infer that Zimmerman started the fight.)

      1. Without any eyewitnesses beside Zimmerman that’s going to be a tall order. They can try to impeach his testimony (to the police or on the stand) but I can’t think of anything else. His girlfriend on the phone call wasn’t there, and anyway has been reported to say she thinks she can pinpoint when it got physical but only has a supposition that Zimmerman initiated physical violence. And for that matter, what was reported of what she said would eliminate any legal provocation for Martin initiating violence (e.g. Zimmerman displaying his gun).

  5. Wow, where’s all the comments now from people like “ephilly” to tell us all how George Zimmerman is going to be “toast” for defending himself?

    I really hope that the Zimmerman family will be able to sue and get settlements from all of these libtard media outlets that purposefully twisted the truth in this case for so long, along with all of the racial agitators like the NBPP for their “bounty” on George Zimmerman, which was nothing other than a solicitation to commit a kidnapping, plus all of these fake reverends like Jesse and Al, for inciting mob violence.

      1. No problem. Unfortunately, they don’t cover what happened in the hearing during CNN’s commercial breaks.

          1. The portions missing from the CNN transcript are interesting.

            There is a witness (previously unheard from) who saw two figures chasing each other near the murder scene. Zimmerman had two flashlights on him when he was detained. Zimmerman has given several statements that conflict with each other and don’t make any sense. Zimmerman claimed Martin was circling his truck in one statement. In another statement, Zimmerman claimed that Martin had both hands over his nose and mouth and was reaching for his gun (with his third hand, I guess).

            1. Wasn’t the witness you refer to reported to only see “shadows”?

              Can you point us to some links or whatever to these statements? Because I certainly haven’t heard any reliable reports of them; any synopsis of them by the media is worse than useless, since they’ve shown to go so far as to fabricate material to … let’s just say support their narrative of what happened.

  6. This is why we need something better than mere “Stand Your Ground” laws. Politically-motivated prosecution has been going forward despite the facts of the case. Law-abiding gun owners need more protection from the law, not less.

    1. George Zimmerman should also put Angela Corey and the state of Florida itself on his “to sue” list when his charge gets dismissed from court.

  7. “Quite frankly, some people will want to get to him.”

    WTH does THAT mean: Don’t give him bail because vigilantes–who now know he is disarmed–are stalking him? Wow. And this is from the side sworn to uphold the rule of law?

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