Zimmerman Case Gets Weird

His lawyers are withdrawing as counsel, citing that they haven’t been able to contact him. They say he is still in United States. Would you blame him if he decided to run off to Peru or something? Can he get justice after what’s happened in the media?

I also heard that he had ignored advice from his lawyers, and spoken directly to the police and prosecutors. If that’s the case, it’s a remarkably bad idea. But I’ll be honest, whoever Zimmerman’s lawyers were, I have not been impressed with their ability to handle a trial by media. To me you can’t let the family set the agenda in terms of public opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised, facing impending indictment because the mob demands it, if Zimmerman didn’t feel he was just not well represented.

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  1. Even if you are right and Zimmerman is acting 100% rationally, he needed to find new lawyers. This is the height of stupidity. Casey Anthony was an opening act in comparison. When this circus comes to town watch out. It won’t be people holding up signs and crying. As we saw today with the Sanford cruiser getting shot at, this could be develop into a localized race riot ala LA. This could even spread to the rest of the country. It will fizzle and not be sustained (because most moderates won’t support the cause) but it could be deadly while it is occurring.

    1. PS: In case it comes up given my post in another thread, a race riot, even if it happens in a few places, is not the same thing in my mind as sustained civil unrest like what we had in the 60s where many events added up to said unrest across a broad swath of the nation. To me, these are two different issue.

    1. Agreed…

      I mean, when you have $10,000 bounty. Police cars getting shot in your neighborhood. Death threats. Spike Lee spiking the homes of those with your name.

      It’s hard to not crack…

      1. And he shot a teenager. Even if it was justified, that’s got to be screwing with his head.

        He probably needs to be seeing a shrink to deal with that, and instead he has to go into hiding like some kind of fugitive. It would not surprise me at all if he’s cracking.

  2. This case is beyond strange. Anyone would crack. But he needs better advocacy than this duo has provided him.

  3. He should contact SAF for some representation.

    He needs a lawyer who can handle the pressure.

    1. SAF isn’t going to represent him. This is a run of mill self-defense case. Most foundational organizations aren’t going to take cases unless they can set positive precedent for everyone.

    1. Al Sharpton will be really really pieved…he hasn’t made this much money in years.


      More seriously,

      I hope not…but it is a possibility. Even if for no reason than not wanting to tear the nation into a race conflict.

      1. Didnt he get a steady gig on MSNBC. Pushing his hate directly from the source. I mean hey, why bother questing him, why ot just hire him and continue to fair, objective fact based reporting…haha

  4. That first attorney doesn’t have too much skill, at least with public speaking. But if that second attorney has any skills, I could see him setting this entire thing up, just to underscore how horrifically the news media has tried and convicted him.

    Honestly, at this point what does it even matter if he is guilty or innocent. We have supposedly educated people from all walks of life in our country, calling him the devil and Travon a saint. Neither of which I think are accurate.

    But neither actually matter, because the media has influenced the court of public opinion, with biased and patently false reporting, to decide for us….not the courts or DA’s office. (Oh wait, they already decided….yea, that’s right. Almost got confused myself.)

  5. “His” lawyers? A few paragraphs down in the article I read earlier, it comes out that these ambulance-chasers have never talked to him, certainly were not hired by him, and that advice he is ignoring is what they said via the press – not to him.

    1. Errr, could you provide a pointer to that? According to a Yahoo news blog item they claim to have been using electronic means to talk to him but he stopped responding as of Sunday or so. In the highlighted by Yahoo current article by ABC (don’t see much purpose to providing a link unless I took a snapshot of it, but here it is) it indicates this happened after they set up a donation web site:

      The lawyers said they had not spoken to Zimmerman since Sunday, after they set up a website with his father for his legal defense. The following day, Zimmerman announced a separate website that surprised the lawyers.

      … and you could certainly read what’s said at what’s supposed to be the real one (therealgeorgezimmerman.com, which was updated yesterday afternoon after I first read it) as a comment on the former site:

      It has come to my attention that some persons and/or entities have been collecting funds, thinly veiled as my “Defense Fund” or “Legal Fund”. I cannot attest to the validity of these other websites as I have not received any funds collected, intended to support my family and I through this trying, tragic time.

      There’s lots of possible miscommunication that could be going on, these lawyers could be taking advantage of his father etc. … who knows? At some level, given their ineptness at defending him in the media, I wonder if it matters prior to the Special Prosecutor charging him; her comment of having “new information” she’s going to release within 3 days doesn’t strike me as a signal she’s not going to prosecute, unless she’s going to release some exonerating info in the current record we haven’t seen yet.

  6. Is GZ father a retired judge? If so, he may be getting advice through him?

    I hope George Zimmerman has several legal teams.
    One for criminal defense and
    One or more to sue the various media outlets for slander.

  7. Seeing as even if he’s acquitted of all charges, or never charged, someday somebody is going to tweet his new address and maybe a picture of him, and soon after a black racist will attempt to murder him, If Zimmerman is acting a bit out of his head, he has damn good reason.

    Same goes with Casey Anthony, the only reason that woman is still alive is the mob hasn’t found her yet.

    If I was a life insurance company I wouldn’t give a claim to either of them.

    1. I’m still not convinced that George Zimmerman will be charged with anything whatsoever. If he moves to an area that has very few or even no black residents, which would describe many towns in New Hampshire, Wyoming, Alaska, just to name a few such possibilities, I doubt that he will have any problems having a normal sort of life again. He might even find a lot of new friends in his new adopted hometown.

  8. The CNN story I saw on this repeated the tea and skittles claim (adding the detail that it was an Arizona iced tea, for whatever reason). Yeesh

  9. Didn’t the prosecutor just decline to send the case to a grand jury? Maybe Zimmerman has decided he doesn’t need lawyers.

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