Sights of Beantown

Fortunately, today I managed to get over to the Freedom Trail a bit for some sightseeing before it got dark. Here’s some sights around Boston:

The driver let me drive the water taxi over this morning. First time I’ve handled a boat since I was 18, I think, when my Uncle kept a boat on the Chesapeake in Maryland. I was surprised by this, I figured in Nanny America, there’d be police waiting her haul her off. She even offered to let me dock it.

9 thoughts on “Sights of Beantown”

  1. The freedom trail is great. It reminds you of what it cost of get freedom and just how much we’ve lost. When you go past the grave yard full of patriots, on the trail, you can hear them turning over at what the U.S has turned into.

  2. If the Bruins win tonight you should go out for a bit. There will be some revelry (nothing too wild) in the streets.

    You hit most of the good spots.

  3. If you end up going out to the east, make sure to hit Farnham’s, and/or The Lobster Pool…

  4. You staying at the Hyatt at Logan right on the water? Ghats a great hotel. Have spent many a foggy night on the patio looking across the harbor at Boston. And the water taxi, and view of Logan runway are great bonuses at the hotel.

    If you have time, try to hit Jacob Width oyster house. Great selection if German beers and for my money one of the betterbowls of chowder in the city.

  5. Bean town is beautiful, but the NRA sucks sign has to go along with their outrageous gun laws.

  6. Like to visit but I’ll never move back to the Bay State. I usually stay at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury. I like to sit in the old tavern and party like it’s 1776. It even has a French musket over the fireplace.

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