Maryland Gun Policies in Pennsylvania to Come?


Remember the headlines about Maryland police officers possibly targeting gun owners for stops?

Well, we could be looking at the similar attitude against guns and their owners coming to Pennsylvania highways. The Maryland State Police Superintendent was just appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf to be the new head of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Elections have consequences, and this is just one more reminder for those guys and gals you know who are choosing to sit home and pout rather than trying to find a coalition so that they – and their rights – aren’t under constant attack.

10 thoughts on “Maryland Gun Policies in Pennsylvania to Come?”

  1. Elections have consequences, except to fudds, people who don’t think Wolf would be that mean, and to people still pissed about Paterno.

  2. Listen to him in his own words:

    Now, you can say these were measures put forth by O’Malley that he was simply explaining them, but I’m pretty confident the governor wouldn’t have picked Brown if he knew he wasn’t going to be cool with regurgitating these garbage measures.

    This is what we’ll have to deal with, and don’t forget Wolf is on-record for agreeing with pretty much every one of those measures. Not only will we have a governor who is hostile to our rights but now the state’s top cop who has been suspected in using his police force as his own personal gestapo to harass both residents and out-of-state visitors who might be carrying.

    1. This is EXACTLY why I got my PA non-resident permit the moment I could last month, rather than rely on my NH Non-resident to carry in PA.

    2. This is what happens when you get a Dhim in the top office..more Dhims!

      Hopefully, the “rubber/road” officers will do the right thing WHEN this Dhim starts telling them to attempt a “conspiracy to deny rights”.

    3. You missed the state’s AG too.. Regardless of what the grand jury says, that woman will not resign. Remember, democrats only go to rehab after doing something wrong! Kane will stick around and help Bloomburg, excuse me, I mean Obame, no, that’s Rendell, oops, I really meant Wolfe, achieve his grand vision by hook or by crook, she doesn’t care.

      1. Yeah, I forgot to mention Kane. Despite the little damage she’s done I think we can take solace in the fact that recent developments should put a damper on her chances of moving up and executing Bloomberg’s plans on a grander scale.

        1. Nah, I would guess she still has a better than even chance of being elected governor one day. PA is a blue state after all.

  3. Brown will do whatever his masters ask of him.

    I think he’d have made a great prison guard in WWII Germany.

  4. Why is it police and our own Government agencies seem to think that law abiding, duly licensed gun owners, and even combat veterans are their enemy?????
    How many law abiding, licensed people commit crimes with guns compared to people who have no permits and criminal records? I would love to know the stats on this.
    I have had a gun and concealed carry permits in more than one state, for most of my 67 years. I have never had a legal issue because of a gun. I would not hesitate to come to the aid of anyone in need, police or civilian, even if I wasn’t armed. Why any politician wants to disarm me yet does nothing to control criminal behavior. Any cop who runs a listing on a plate to see if the owner has a gun permit is misusing his powers and unless there is REAL probable cause to believe the person committed a crime, stop fishing. It should be illegal and I would love to see Civil Liberties Union get involved in this. There is actually a place for them, even in my world, if they can alter corrupt police behavior.

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