Next Few Days

Starting tomorrow I have to take a business trip to Boston, where I’ll be until Thursday evening. I’m catching an Acela up there tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what this almost-but-not-quite high speed rail thing the left so loves is all about.

Posting may be kind of spotty, so I’ll be relying on Bitter more than usual. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to enjoy the city, but I might try to see a few things that are on the Freedom We Don’t Believe in Anymore Trail.

8 thoughts on “Next Few Days”

  1. I would recommend a Red Sox game, as seeing and sitting in Fenway Park is a pleasure! The sights, smells and atmosphere is incredible. But they are away this week! When I was visiting Boston College, I took the bus in and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. If you have a free evening, drop me an email. I’d be happy to buy you a few beers.

  3. Did you leave from Trenton (NJ) train station, before dawn, the way I used to? If so the incredible flocks of crows that roost in the nearby residential neighborhoods may be the most interesting thing you see. Urban nature.

  4. 1) I took Acela up from DC to NY City the winter before last. It was twice as much as the regular train ticket. Was faster than flying (and since a blizzard hit that day – was more reliable than flying). But I don’t know if it was worth the added cost over a regular train ticket. They did have very reliable wi-fi coverage in the car, and a comfortable seat. I worked the entire time and found it very productive.

    2) This weekend would have been the best time to visit Fenway. You could have witnessed a) Obama being booed by a Boston crowd, b) the 100th anniversary celebration and c) the NY Yankees totally demolishing the crappy Boston Red Sux in a 2 game sweep and spoiling their 100th Anniversary celebration.

  5. I take the Acela from Dc to NYC quite frequently. It is not fair to compare the pricing with that of a regular train. The real comparison(and how the price it) is to flying.

    For me and others, it beats flying hands down.

  6. I’ve done overnight trains to Florida from DC and found them quite nice. We bring the whole family on the Auto Train and get a family room with two beds and a bath. It beats flying when you have young ones and want to bring a car – unfortunately there is only one auto-train route in the US. My three year old girl loves the train. Six trips in six months.

    FWIW, no passenger train system anywhere in the world makes a profit.

    You will like the Acela. There are two premium lines in the East: the Acela and the Auto Train.

    Have a good and productive trip.

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