8 thoughts on “Out on Bail for $800”

  1. Well, anon is right, he didn’t fire the gun. This doesn’t mean he should be let out but…

  2. That gentleman (the alleged gun pointer) appears to have never been hugged by his lovely mother, and frankly $800 is too steep a fine. It’s almost criminal.

  3. It’s not about punishing criminals or illegal gun owners. They want to punish legal gun owners and law abiding citizens who are armed to protect themselves and their rights. The thing is if he has an extensive criminal background and had a gun how does 800.00 justify the bail, When he should not of have had a gun in the first place even though he was shot. (Kill shot instead of stop the threat shot) Maybe I should become a criminal so I could lessen the penalties for owning a gun along with felonous/aggrevated assualt. Repercusions seem to be lesser for felons with guns. Of course that is just me.

  4. The truly sad part of this is that no one in my division was surprised at the bail. Disgusted, but not surprised.

    Thanks for the linkage, Sebastian!

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