Dershowitz on Zimmerman Persecution

Not only immoral, but stupid.” From Big Government:

After the release of the photo, however, Dershowitz went much further, telling Breitbart News that if the prosecutors did have the photo and didn’t mention it in the affidavit, that would constitute a “grave ethical violation,” since affidavits are supposed to contain “all relevant information.”

This is starting to look like the Duke Lacrosse case.

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  1. This is starting to look like the Duke Lacrosse case.

    That’s exactly what I said about three weeks ago.

  2. I think as more and more comes out about this case, and Zimmerman starts to look less like the raving “baby killer” and more like a guy just trying to keep his neighborhood safe. I think as that stigma begins to dissolve we will likely start to see some prominent Hispanics start voicing opposition to this case and voice support.

    Wouldn’t even be surprised to see Sonia Sotomayer come out and remind everyone that our legal system believes in “innocence until proven guilty”.

  3. Surprising, people are STILL arguing that the picture doesn’t prove his head was bashed. I mean really? Its like they refuse to see the evidence, and just continue to argue.

    “He was never injured!’
    “Oh that video shows VERY little injuries!”
    “That picture doesn’t look right! The blood is wrong and they look more like cuts!”

    My God.

    1. A lot of folks aren’t going to be happy unless they see Zimmerman with skull missing and brain showing. Think of how often you’ve gotten your bell rung, even had a knot on your head, but no bleeding?

      When I was a kid, I got beamed with a baseball. Hard enough that I spun around disoriented and fainted. Huge knot on my head, and probably a mild concussion. But I never bled. Any concussive injury to the head is by definition grave risk of bodily injury or harm.

      1. I know, I’m sick of reading about how “it’s just a little scrape”, the blood isn’t the problem. Getting your head struck with just about anything can be deadly, it’s not like the rest of your body. Your brain can’t take that much bouncing around in your skull, and I’d consider anyone purposely striking your head as a threat to your life.

        If Zimmerman is telling the truth and he was getting his head slammed into the sidewalk, I wouldn’t expect him to wait and see if he’s going to suffer a concussion and possibly black out.

    2. Before this, the controversy was over the footage leaving the police car 30+ min after being treated. “Where’s the blood?” So now, it’s “Ok, so there’s blood, but where are the brains?”

      I always thought denying/ignoring/glossing over some of the basic known facts of the case would come back to bite them: the broken nose, the bloody head, the witness “John”. All along, they should have been acknowledging these facts but stressing that Zimmerman attacked Martin first. Instead they painted him as this helpless boy outweighed by 100lbs, and now they look bad having to admit he was beating the crap out of Zimmerman.

      But the biggest fact ignored is that the pursuit we know about ended (I don’t blame them because it is practically exculpatory). We know this for the same reason we know Zimmerman was following Martin in the first place, because it was all captured on the phone call. But the media shuts if off for the last minute and a half where it is clear that no pursuit is going on. So the prosecution is left to assume a second pursuit took place, and that Zimmerman chased again (since he did the first time). And there doesn’t seem to be a bit of evidence supporting that.

    3. I’ve had my head bashed rather hard on a few occasions; when someone hit me over the head with a cutting board, and when I flipped a car.

      Thus, from my personal experience with blunt force trauma to the head, and resultant wounds, I would say that the photograph in question shows his injuries to be consistent with his story.

  4. Like I said in an earlier post, I was beaten so badly one time that I went blind for a bit, and there was no blood at all. And there have been other times where I lightly grazed my head against a piece if angle iron (for example) and it looked like an pig was slaughtered there. All this CSI shit is really just… well, CSI shit.

    There appears to be some question of authenticity with thus picture… If I read correctly, the police did *not* take this photo and it surfaced some time after.


  6. It is also likely that Zimmerman showed an incredible amount of restraint during the struggle. One of the neighbor 911 calls has the screams going on for about a minute- which is a hell of a long time when you are getting your head knocked into concrete (and the call was only made after the screaming started). Granted Zimmerman says he got himself moved into the grass, but it also means his first choice wasn’t his gun. Some of that may have to do with him knowing police where coming. It is also possible they were struggling over the gun for that time, but that seems way too Hollywood. If I were his defense, I would stress how long those screams went on to show how he went to the gun as a last resort, also adding that witness “John” ran inside and locked his door instead of helping.

    1. Given what’s happened to Zimmerman I find it hard to argue with “John’s” response….

      Plus there’s all sorts of ways this could have ended up extremely badly for him. E.g. Zimmerman gets off a shot but due to the struggle it hits “John”, not Martin. In general my self-defense instructor urged extreme caution in intervening in struggles like this, especially since it can be hard to know who’s the bad guy.

      Heck, assume Zimmerman is in the right except for being a “white Hispanic”, that “John” intervened but ineffectually, everything else went down as it did, and that he’s also a “white [whatever]”: “John” would likely have his own ring in this circus with a charge of accessory to murder. And instead of being a witness for the defense, the prosecution would be trying to extract testimony from him to convict Zimmerman in exchange for a nice plea bargain.

      1. Oh, I wasn’t faulting “John”, I mentioned it because Zimmerman was looking to him as an option to not shoot- demonstrating restraint.

  7. You know, I’m curious about one thing on all this: Zimmerman’s character has been attacked, he’s been labeled and profiled and belittled by people all over the media. But when someone starts discussing Treyvon’s character, they’re labeled as “racist” for suggesting that the kid might not have been innocent. Does anybody have any links to what other kids had to say about Trayvon? About whether or not HE was violent, or hung out with the wrong crowd? The silence is deafening.

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