My Apologizes For the Lack Of Posting

Been on the road all day coming back from St. Louis. Just didn’t have the energy to wait through iPad blogging on the non-3G portions through mostly rural areas. Made it all the way back to Breezewood, Pennsylvania. Long day. Only a few hours from home, but we just can’t drive any more.

The NRA Meeting was an all time record, with 73,740 attendees. But remember, gun ownership is in decline, fewer people own guns than ever, and the NRA are just a shill for the industry with no real support among its members.

More to come tomorrow when we arrive back home sometime in the AM.

7 thoughts on “My Apologizes For the Lack Of Posting”

  1. I noticed how most of the people walked out of the convention just threw guns in the trash cans saying how uninteresting they were and didn’t want them in their home.

  2. I’ve done that drive on a Motorcycle. Think about stopping for gas every 180 miles. Ugh. Getting home safe is number 1 priority!
    Glad you made the intelligent choice.

  3. I was surprised at the number of convention attendees who engaged in all of the Wild West style roving gun battles in the streets that required the Governor to call in the National Guard and the US Army to help quell the violence. {sarcasm off}

    1. But but but Chicago and New York are the perfect models for our gun laws! If only the rest of the country were like New York and Chicago!

      …and now, for something completely different (yet those who never make these arguments see the contradiction)…

      Have you seen the violence in Chicago and New York?!? People are being shot every day there! That’s why we need Strong Gun Laws, to prevent these deaths that happen daily!


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