Shiny! Bling & Guns

The jewelry at NRA Annual Meetings just gets better every year. In the past, I’ve highlight Etsy sellers who make jewelry out of shell casings. Today, I found some for sale on the show floor from Brianna Chamberlain for Cobra Firearms.

I picked up a pair of .38 Specials with clear and gold crystals and a pair of .22s with clear crystals. I had to wait to check out because every single woman who walked up to the table was buying.

Remember this when the anti-gun groups try to claim that there isn’t really growing interest in shooting and the gun-related culture. Remember this when those same anti-rights groups try to argue that women really aren’t interested in the male-dominated gun culture. Yes, clearly, that’s why women were lining up to buy jewelry that blatantly identifies them as pro-gun.

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