CSGV’s “White Culture War”

The Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership Violence has been coming unhinged lately, but they really took the cake when they Tweeted this bit of racism:

CSGV's White Culture War

This is coming from an organization that continually denies gun control has racist origins, and that gun control today is not racially motivated. But if you say this is a “white culture war” doesn’t that imply that you think this right is for white people? I think we’re all firm believers that the Second Amendment right is one that belonged to all people, yet we’re often labeled as the racist ones.

I’m sure it will come as a great surprise to NRA’s African American members who are here today that they are part of a white culture war. I’m sure it was a surprise to Governor Bobby Jindal, who is of Indian descent, that his unwavering support of the Second Amendment is part of a “white culture war.”

One has to wonder what other rights our opponents think are “white.”

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  1. Why are the Dem-Cong so obcessed with race? IMAO, so-called “White Culture” values mean success for individuals and groups. These values include hard work, individual/personal responsibility, paying your own way and deferred gratification. Of course, these values are not limited to any one racial or ethnic group.

    Certain “Minority Culture” values seem to lead to massive indebitedness, single-parent households, violence and drug use. These values may be observed amongst any racial/ethnic group or individual.

    I’m tired of racism and racialism from the Lib-Cong.

  2. Last I checked, Ladd and his supporters had a lot less melanin than the last NRA meeting i’ve attended.

  3. My thought is that if you throw out the racist charge, I will immediately dismiss you as both irrelevant and stupid.

    They’re like the drowning man grabbing at anything to stay afloat.

  4. so I am Black. I am an NRA member. And I was at the convention. What are they trying to tell me? Maybe I should complain to Sharpton and Jackson for redress?

  5. Note that the countries they consistently cite as examples of “civilized” gun laws, aside from being “industrialized”, are all lily-white Northern European (with the exception of Japan, which never had a “gun culture”).

    1. Not only are they racist, but they are demonstrating their desire to silence free speech, and to do away with the right to assemble. (At least, that’s how I read “NoMoreNRA”.)

  6. Why is this surprising? It’s par for the course for… left wing… organizations. “It’s too white” or “too many white people” has become a tactic used to delegitimize any group the left disagrees with. We saw that the Tea Party (whether or not you agree with the Tea Party) was attacked for “being too white” rather than for any position it held. They hold a position that “too many white people” makes an organization a default white supremacist group regardless of any position held. Of course this is all null and void for left wing/liberal groups becuase they (Brady, CGSV, etc.) are made up of mostly “white people” too.

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