Decision in Zimmerman Case: Next Three Days

The special prosecutor in the Zimmerman case (media keep saying the Martin case, but that is wrong) suggests that an announcement will be made in the next three days. If you live in a major city, be prepared. Thanks to the media, we may get some civil unrest out of this.

4 thoughts on “Decision in Zimmerman Case: Next Three Days”

  1. I am glad you stated “if it is based on evidence”. Some of the folks on this sight annoy me when they claim that they are impartial and want to wait for the evidence all the while bashing Trayvon and taking Zim’s words as gospel. Again- not one Zimmerman supporter has come forward with any information about who “started” the altercation or why he claims his nose was broken, yet he did not go to the hospital until the next day…makes no sense.

    Another thing is even if Zimmerman is truly innocent- the state of Florida is going to throw him under the bus, not because of the race baiters but because they “botched” this case by not following up with witnesses and obtaining critical forensics, etc. Therefore, Zim will suffer so no “higher ups” in the Sanford PD/Prosecutors Office will be investigated further.

    1. That would be a reason to avoid trial, which would simply illustrate, in a public forum that the country will be watching, their incompetence.

      1. I don’t think so. If no charges are brought against Zimmerman, the family will request an investigation by the US Dept of Justice and maybe some international justice forum, etc. If they throw Zim under the bus based on their “new and thorough investigation” by Angela Corey and the family is happy with “manslaugter charges”-which their attorney said they would not be surprised if that was the charge, no one will question anything further as long as this makes it to trial.

        If Zim is let off, the family will question what evidence they had, who made the decision, etc.

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