Back in the Black

Cemetery tries to shoot an IPSC match with black powder:

Shot a local USPSA match yesterday, signed up for Single Stack in Minor, since real black can’t deliver the power factor needed for major.  Maybe, just maybe, SWISS 3f can squeak by…..and what about Triple Seven?  Triple Seven is noted to be 15% hotter than any black powder in each grade, so that’s a possibility, but that’s a black powder substitute, and we don’t need to discuss such things here.

I once joked with Cemetery at a local blogger gathering, that he ought to carry cartridges loaded with pepper, and at meals unseat the bullet and sprinkle it on food, offering up “a little seasoning” to the folks around him to see if anyone accepts. I thought it would be a nice touch.

4 thoughts on “Back in the Black”

  1. I doubt I’d partake of pepper stored in pistol brass, because I’d have a hard time believing the brass was actually cleaned enough to be clean enough. It’s one thing to make brass clean enough to re-use. It’s another to get the lead residue cleaned sufficiently for food uses.

    1. An easy way around that would be to use mint-condition brass, and to use a different metal (perhaps silver, although you’d have to use special molds) for the bullet.

  2. Order some virgin, nickle plated brass, and swab it out with Q tips and 90% alchohol.

    But frankly, a good cleaning media in the tumbler, and the same isopropyl treatment would work as well on 10x fired brass.

    If you’re truly, deeply that paranoid, then go further and coat the inside of the brass with some clear polyurethane.

    Beyond which, if the thought of germs bother you that much, well then, when’d the last time you’ve checked your ‘puter mouse for contamination?

    Much more to worry about there on a constant basis, compared to a shake of pepper (for the occassional joke), from a reasonably cleaned shell casing.


    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. I think Laughingdog is more concerned about lead poisoning than he is about germs. Even so, virgin nickle-plated brass coated with clear polyurethane would go a long way to neutralize the lead concern!

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