Assault on Pennsylvania RKBA

The media has been in full force lately trying to foil our agenda here in Pennsylvania. This article in the Scranton Times Tribune speaks against preemption enforcement. The surprising thing is they don’t mention the Martin shooting at all. However, The Daily Pennsylvanian, the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania manages to get things mostly right, with only a few aspects of the legal issues surrounding SYG misstated, which is a better track record than most of the media is doing in this case. They do, however, continue to propagate the myth that Zimmerman was not arrested.

An environmental group is suing a gun club over lead shot pollution in the Delaware River. They are also suing because they do pigeon shoots there, and dead pigeons end up polluting the river as well, alleges the suit. I’ve looked at that club’s layout, and I’m doubtful that much shot is ending up in the river. Pigeons I can’t speak to.

The Express-Times of Easton, PA things our SYG law needs to be reviewed. Not surprising, given they know nothing about the law and continue peddling ignorance to the public about self-defense laws. Meanwhile the Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre runs an abysmal editorial that is very hateful of gun owners.

I’ll reiterate my call again to starve the beast!

4 thoughts on “Assault on Pennsylvania RKBA”

  1. Wow. That Times Leader article was venomous. I wonder what other “archaic” language in the Constitution he would suggest ignoring? “Due process” and “freedom of speech” perhaps? How about “unreasonable searches and seizures”? It is a bit pathetic to be so condescending when one can’t even articulate correctly what the Florida SYG statute actually says….

  2. I light a candle a few times a year in hopes that god will see fit to set everybody at the Times Leader on fire forcing them to spend months in an intensive care burn unit and then, just when they’re starting to get better and the pain begins to subside, they get bone cancer. And AIDS. And then, after the entire staff has passed on screaming in pain, their families go bankrupt due to the crushing medical bills and live out their days homeless and destitute, begging for scraps.

    Anyway, I don’t like them and they’re not very good reporters.

      1. I have a fairly personal and righteous reason for wishing that the entire establishment shuffles off their mortal coil in the most horrific fashion possible. Or that the forces of the Citizen’s Voice charge down Washington St, storms the TL building, and sells the entire staff into slavery.

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