Faster Than You Can Say Furious

It appears the watchdog groups are getting bold with highlighting just how easy it is to get a ballot without any form of identification. The title of the post refers to a line of comedy gold in the video about how not even the Attorney General is safe from voter fraud that could be committed in his name.

3 thoughts on “Faster Than You Can Say Furious”

  1. Great video, except for the part where he hassles the DOJ guard and gives him a speech about ID’s. The look on the cop’s face explains it all.

    1. I sort of agree with you. I think the point was funny to make, and I think it was worthwhile. I just think it went on for a bit too long and it got a little lost. They did that in their NH video, too. Basically, they need to really figure out that when you’ve made your point, move on.

  2. This is the whole reason why ACORN’s voter registration fraud was (and likely still is going on under different names) is so scary.

    Many “Progressives” would argue that “Well it doesn’t matter if “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck” are registered because they aren’t real people!”

    No voter ID, they don’t NEED to be real.

    The most insulting thing is not only do I need to show ID, but I need to show a very expensive and may-issue ID just to buy a box of ammo, or any sort of firearm, even in so-called “Private Sales”.

    But no ID to vote. Guess which right is protected in the US Constitution?

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