Tab Clearing

Time for another tab clearing. I have a quarterly meeting today, and I need to get an expense report in because I put close to 700 dollars worth of equipment on my credit card, and it’s time to get that back. Posting may be light until I’m out of the meeting.

John Richardson takes a look at the astroturf gun control organizations. and compares some of their social media penetration with organizations on our side.

HSUS is once again misleading the public. HSUS is arguably a greater danger to hunting and shooting than MAIG is, as they’ve gotten behind every lead ban initiative out there. They are well funded and have a huge base of people to draw from.

There’s a carry case in Hawaii that’s moving forward. Baker v. Kealoha.

Don’t forget that the NRA Annual Meeting is April 12 -15 in St. Louis. We’ll be there, though we aren’t organizing any blogger stuff this year. We may in the future again, but between switching jobs, etc, it’s just been too busy. You’ll probably see us around though, if you’re another blogger and planning on going.

Stephens Media would seem to be getting stuck with the Righthaven bill. This is just desserts.

Joe has a quote about anti-rights twaddle of the media, and how it’s almost pointless to argue with them. I don’t do take downs of media articles too often these days, largely because there just aren’t as many, and what does appear is just unbelievably ridiculous. I think it’s becoming obvious to everyone the Emperor has no clothes, and probably never did.

Looks like the TSA Nude-o-Scopes don’t even really work that well.

John Richardson takes a look at one Jesuit Priest who is failing to live up to the order’s intellectual rigor.

Clayton thinks Republicans need to stop acting like Democrats.

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