Off to the Dentist

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’ll catch up later.

UPDATE: Back from the dentist. The good news is that the cause of the problem was a filling that was too close to the nerve. That’s the reason I always had a lot of temperature sensitivity with that tooth. Dentist said it was just a matter of time before the nerve got irritated enough to become inflamed irreversibly. It’s good to know it wasn’t my fault, for not catching something sooner. That also explains the sudden onset, and rapid progression of pain. So I have a medicated filling, pain meds, and an antibiotic to deal with an infection that was getting started. That should get me through until I go for the scheduled root canal.

Normally I dread the novocaine needle, but this time I welcomed it, because I knew it would mean sweet, sweet relief. We’ll see how things go when it’s completely worn off, but being just about completely worn off, I already feel better. I want to thank Dr. James Beam, who’s prescription was the only way I made it through the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Off to the Dentist”

  1. You have my sympathy…

    I just had a huge cavity fixed. One of the downsides of unemployment was not getting to regularly scheduled cleanings.

    Apparently it was what they call a “floss cavity”, in that it occurred on the side of the tooth. So they have to drill through the top of the tooth then hollow out the region and fill it back in.

    Took about an hour. Fun. Fun. Fun. Hopefully, it was far enough away from the root not to inflame it in the future.

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