Gun News is Slow

Looks like we’re hitting that summer news dry spell for the gun issue. Happens every year. So expect we’ll be taking some brief excursions into other topics as they come up. I’m a bit behind today, because I had a dentist appointment this AM, this time a routine cleaning. Dentist says it’s now time to crown the tooth he’s been bugging me about for a while, along with the usual bit about flossing more. So that’s going to cost me. I also just signed a contract for painting and other repairs on the outside of the house. I think it’ll make the house look much better, as well as protect it from further damage. I’m happy to finally be getting ahead of stuff, but I get nervous when I’m spending a lot more than I’m taking in.

I guess the lesson is to take better care of your teeth, and your house. I can blame previous owners for a lot of the house, but I’m afraid no one else has owned my teeth. That one is on me.

4 thoughts on “Gun News is Slow”

  1. The GAO has just released two reports. One is related to increasing state reporting of firearm disabilities to NICS, and the other covers state requirements for CWP issue.

  2. A Butler Flossmate turns flossing from an awkward chore involving sticking your fingers into your mouth into a quick exercise little different from brushing. Just string some floss on the Flossmate and you’re ready to go. I’ve used them for years.

    1. Yeah… I know it does. It’s just easy to skip in the morning if I’m in a hurry. The doctor is also a fan of those sonic toothbrushes. Maybe I need to get one of those as well.

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